Saturday, March 10, 2018

Papua New Guinea Earthquake 2/25/2018

Large earthquakes are not focused on a point, they are actually a shear zone that lets go and shifts.  The 2/25/2018 Papua New Guinea earthquake just happened to have a very well defined shear zone when you looked at the aftershocks.
 The large red dot in the center is the primary earthquake the other dots are earthquakes sorted by depth, yellow <15km
Orange 15km-25km
dk. orange 25km-35km
Red >35km

Not sure why the primary is Red, should be Orange, unless the downloaded list had the depth wrong.  The main thing is that if you look at the earthquakes they are all concentrated in one well defined area.  On top of that the depth of the earthquakes slope downward towards the Northeast.

This is even better defined when you look at only the larger earthquakes, which are going to have more precise depth calculations.  The yellow dots are mostly to the SW, and the Red are mostly to the NE. 

March 9th Aurora

I live near a city that generally precludes my ability to see things like the aurora because of light pollution.  On Friday night I took advantage of not having to be up for work in the morning and took a drive up Highway 4 past Island Lake so that I could be someplace without all of the light pollution and actually get to see the aurora.  Turns out there are a lot more stars there too.

 That red blur in the distance?  That is taillights from a passing car.  Very soon it went out around a corner and disappeared.
 Since it was dark and still I was able to jack the exposure time up to 15 seconds.  As a result even though it was very dark as the moon was not up yet, you can see the white of the snow in the ditches.  The aurora was visible but dim on the horizon at this point.
 I look up to the west and saw Orion staring at me so I aimed the camera in that general direction and took a shot.  Using a 10mm lens you really don't have to aim much past "in that general direction" any way.
 Anotherquick shot with all the stars.
 Airplane flying over head, it is surprising how much of a trail they leave as they cruise silently along up in the sky.
I drove a few miles down the road and thought about pulling off, thankfully thought better of it because it was not plowed.  The sign is lit up in the taillights of the truck as I was near a curve and wanted to announce my presence.

One last shot with the road lit up in the taillights.  One interesting observation that I did not think of until this morning is that with all of the cars driving north, I never saw a car driving south the entire time I was out there.

I am thinking about what kind of a rig I could use for driving about and doing photography.  This summer the rig is going to be a 32 foot sailboat, but once the boat goes up on the cradle in the fall I am going to have to figure something out that is a more comfortable cruise than the truck.

Don't get me wrong, the truck is awesome as a daily driver and a go out and haul heavy things vehicle, but it is small and the heat is not overwhelming.  It gets heat, eventually, is the best you can say about it.  Also it does lack room that would be handy for hauling about photography equipment, for instance hauling a tripod fills it, and I would never be able to haul my telescope.

I will think about this more in the fall.  I have plenty of time to find the perfect vehicle, thinking a small import SUV.

In other thoughts when I was driving a long I noticed, and sadly did not take a picture of it to show as an example that the light pollution from Duluth was brighter than the aurora until I got about 30 miles out of town.  Even from Island Lake, which is a good distance out of Duluth, it was far brighter looking south than it was looking north.  We really need to do something about the number of lights we have needlessly aiming straight up in the air making it impossible for anyone to see anything in the sky.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Cheap plastic pallet

I switched to a cheap plastic pallet, little half dollar sized divots to mix paint in, it has been the most life changing thing I have ever done with my painting!

The thing is that I can thin the paints without them running all over the place, I can speed paint, I can work with the paint wet, and not have to worry about the paint being too gummy.

Also when you are using thinner the paint dries a lot faster, it gets tacky with a day, instead of a month!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


The title is in all caps because they are so terrifying, but the worst thing about this show was the slaughter of geology that got turned into a plot device.

Run, run away, from this show.

Yellowstone is fine.

But this movie is a killer.

Friday, January 26, 2018

I have been slow on the pickup

Nothing new there, but it is the beginning of the year, and I have to start getting things done at some point.

Painting has been progressing, I did not completely screw up my bowling handicap this year, although I am pretty sure I have the lowest handicap of anyone who is bowling this year (currently in the mid 30's, average for the league is about 70-80)....

Work has been interesting and somewhat surreal.

I want to go sail on a boat, really bad.  I also need to get rid of a bunch of boats as I have a surplus of them at the moment.  I think I currently need to get rid of four.

I am feeling I have too much stuff again, alas.  Time to do a clearing of the stuffs.  Hello Ebay!  I think I am going to make an honest attempt to get down to what will fit on a boat.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Climate Change versus Weather

The Orange one came out today to say that the cold weather shows that climate change is a myth.

Well, that is just dumb.

Here is how it breaks down.

If it is 70 degrees today, and 65 tomorrow, that is weather.

If there is a 30% chance of rain on Tuesday, that is weather.

If there is a 21% chance of rain on any random day in June, that is climate.

If the January temperatures average about 14 degrees, that is climate.

If the January temperatures in the last thirty years have averaged 5 degrees warmer than the average of the previous century, that is climate change.

If the whole world is showing an increase of temperature over the last thirty years that is anomalous when compared to the global averages of the previous century, that is GLOBAL climate change.

"But Jeffy, if the world is warming how can we still have cold days?"

Because the day to day variations are weather.

"But why have we been having these horrible cold spells, isn't that something that shouldn't happen if the world is warming?"

Actually, we have always been having nasty cold spells, tis the nature of the world.  But to better answer your question we have to go into some physics.

As you increase the total amount of energy in the atmosphere (by increasing the global average temperature) you also increase the available energy for storm systems to use to propel themselves, develop themselves, and maintain themselves.  Just because the global average is warmer does not mean that as a side effect you are also going to produce very strong high pressure systems full of arctic air that get pulled down into the United States by a very powerful jet stream and then left in place as the jet wraps around the system, instead of overriding it.

"So you are saying that as a side effect of global warming you can also have occasional colder weather?"


It will not be warmer every day, but the AVERAGE of all of the days will end up being higher.

"But how do you know how this works?  What makes you so special?"

Because I went to school, and got a degree in the sciences, and as a side effect one of the super awesome upper division electives was a class in global climate change, taught by the people who actually do these studies.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

The old Kodak still takes lousy photos, but the painting is coming out nicely.

Keweenaw Sunset...

One of three that I am thinking of painting...

After correcting colors to match what I actually see, because that crappy old camera (Kodak easy-share z650) has lousy color settings and takes generally ugly pictures.

But it is easier that busting out the 60d...

Anyway, this is a really fast sunset picture, I started yesterday, and I have just a  few tweaks left to make on it!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Quick commentary on Star Wars...

In the first Trilogy (we will say time 0), you had AT-ATs, and the first generation of the Star Destroyers. Protected by the TIE fighters

A generation later:

You have the same AT-ATs and Star Destroyers, plus a Death Star. all protected by TIE fighters.

A generation later:

You have the same AT-ATs and Star Destroyers, plus a star killer, and a Dreadnought, all protected by TIE fighters.

In the meantime the alliance has:

The same Millennium Falcon and X-wing craft.  The same Cruisers, and the like....

There is no technological progress with the exception of an occasional super-weapon in fifty-sixty years of history.  This would be like fighting the Vietnam War with the same weaponry as the First World War.  If I am not mistaken I did not see a lot of horses in Vietnam, and the bi-planes were completely absent.

It is true that you could say that the climates for WWI and Vietnam were completely different (Europe-SE Asia).  However if you look at Star Wars they are using the same craft on Hoth as they are on Endor.

Any good old fashioned Fascist regime would make development of weapons and the modernization of its military job one, apparently that is not the case in Star Wars.


Tis the season

won a lot of miscellaneous hardware for the boat on Ebay.  Springs, clips, clevises, stuff.  It will actually come in very handy next summer, especially since I went to the store the other day and found out they charge ten bucks for a single 1" long stainless pin.

I have been painting more.  I think I am going to try to put a show together, entitled "travels" once I get a few more paintings put together.
 Devil's tower, I need to do some detail work on trees, maybe add some lineation on the mountain.
 I may play with the sky, but mostly done, my God that little camera I got from Meagan takes lousy pictures...
I swear the coloration on this is not neon, just the camera, I still have a lot to do on this, the foreground is wrong, and needs about 30 hay bales.  The hill is missing something as well.

As it turns out the camera was set to some "enhanced color mode" which messed up the pictures in every way possible.

I have almost 3/4th of the boat paid for, I was giggling that I actually have a reason to go to the boat show this year, which is weird, an d a little bit troubling.

Alas, time passes, life gets weirder, stuff.

There should be a squirrel in there.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

a whole bunch of random in a nice neat ball

Turns out that getting away from Facebook is about the best thing that a person can do for themselves.

The paintings are coming along nicely, I do have to get some more started, but the ones that I have been working on are looking great.

It finally snowed, as a result I have already put 20 km on the skis so far this year.

I am thinking of going to Star Wars tonight.

I am also thinking of watching a movie and jumping on the exercise bike for a bit.

I have a very large wood pile ready to split for next year!

The weather man is calling for 11 inches of snow next Wednesday.

I can take a 40 minute nap before dinner.

By 'weatherman' I actually mean Accuweather, which is generally as accurate as throwing darts at a bunch of possible forecast options.

I think the nap is going to win, which means I have to find the cat.

Cat nap.