Friday, August 18, 2017

Bring on the Eclipse!

In happier news the eclipse is this week!  I have taken the week off (planned last fall) and I am heading towards Nebraska.  By my calculations this is the only possible reason to visit Nebraska.

Fear not, that is not the only thing we are doing on this trip.  Post Nebraska, we are heading towards the Sandhills (Still in Nebraska), Bad Lands and Black Hills (South Dakota), Big Horn Mountains (Wyoming), Tongue River Breaks (Montana), and Sheyenne prairie grasslands (North Dakota).

Two side notes, first I am traveling with my occasional co-blogger Meagan, second Sheyenne wants to auto correct as "sheeny", it must be a curse....

Anyway, I have cameras packed, and adventures are pending!

I will have more content for you soon.

In the meantime, here are some pictures...
 Jupiter with a little photoshop to make the moons pop out....
 It rained really, really hard the a couple of weeks ago, the road almost washed out!
Saturn, once again photoshopped, to make the moons pop out....
4 minutes of 2014 partial eclipse compressed to 30 seconds!

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