Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013
Since I have the summer off with no classes and I am currently rather limited on the amount of work I am doing I figured that it would be kind of fun to start a blog.  I mean, what else is it that people do on the Internet these days other than blogging, porn, and cat pictures?
I decided that I could throw up all kinds of things that people may find interesting, short stories, maybe longer serialized stories, photos, what-not.  Keep it random and try to make it interesting.
I will not be telling anyone about the existence of this blog for a little bit, wait until there is more than one post to look at.  I do have a shit ton of pictures that I have taken, writing to transcribe, what-not that I can dump on here.  Then the real challenge is going to be sticking with it.
For those of you who are really concerned about those types of things there will be a decent amount of irreverence and possibly a bit of swearing, adult situations may show up, although there will not be any nudity, unless presented in a tasteful, ie, paintings that happen to contain nudity, sort of way.

Well, I am going to go eat, shower, and then when I feel less than disgusting I will start posting some things, see if I can get enough content within a week to make it worth looking at.

Evil Jeffy