Monday, May 27, 2013

Old Photos, sorting through three years of life with the Canon Eos

I have had my Canon Eos digital SLR for just over three years, although I have not been jamming through nearly as many pictures as of late, I plan on trying to fix that this summer, especially considering this is my first summer off since that summer I bought the camera.  Here is a random folder of random photos from that first year.

I have this thing for stacking rocks, not sure why, just always do it...
 Spiders are so dopey in the spring it is easy to take pictures of them, this guy really isn't that big, maybe half an inch or so.
 The feather on the rock was an interesting color contrast.
 I just liked the color of the rocks in this, the North Shore Volcanics Group in this area is largely basalts, but rhyolites also exist.  This is either contact between the two, or maybe some iron concentration, I would have to look closer at it.
 Looking up the shore past Lester River, there are sea caves in this stretch.
 Guy fishing in the spring run off at Sucker River.
 Knife River where it meets the lake, apparently I had missed the ice out by only a little bit.
 Leaf floating in the Mississippi River near La Crosse, Wi.
 Seagull soaring over Lake Superior.
 Is it a whale in Lake Superior?  I will let you do your own google searches to look that one up.