Monday, June 10, 2013

Alicia always brings me the weirdest rocks...

I got a text from Alicia yesterday she had brought me back a rock from Haiti.  It is green, no one there knew what it was.

I guess it is my fault, a long time ago I had asked her to bring me back an interesting heavy rock from one of her vacations and she brought me back this...
Which happens to be manganese ore from Mansa district Zambia that she picked up while taking a tour of a processing facility that she and her friend had gotten by bribing the guard with a pack of cigarettes.

I am curious to see what this mysterious green rock that no one could identify is, although Haiti being on a techtonic margin (that is where the island came from) it could be some very interesting metamorphic, will have to wait and see.

In other Geology news just ordered my new rock hammer, getting ready for my Friend Heidi to come and visit!