Saturday, June 15, 2013

It is time to start advertising beach front property in Minnesota

Seas are gonna rise!  In the past it was a combination of higher temperatures and rapid seafloor spreading that would cause the sea levels world wide to rise, this time we just have the higher temperatures, but it is enough to cause some damage.  The melting of the ice caps is only going to raise global water levels by about 200 feet, but that is all of Florida, entire island nations, billions of people will die as entire continental shelves will be lost under the oceans.

Minnesota will be fine, although it will be a considerably shorter drive to get to the beach, considering it will be in western New York....

The Mississippi river will lose a bit of length and it will have backed up to about Memphis, Tennessee.  

Bangladesh is done.

Pakistan has lost most of its fertile cresent.

Iran is just fine, but most of the flood plains in Iraq are gone.

Netherlands, large portions of England, the Maritimes, those are all gone.

On the positive side the Jersey Shore is long gone.

Oh well, here is the article....