Sunday, June 2, 2013

The first rule of roller derby...

Everyone should no the first rule of Roller Derby.  It is actually very applicable to life in general, you need to remember to not be a douche.

This goes for both your existence on and off the track.

I am not going to be bringing up any specific examples of douchy behavior right now as I am going to be following the first rule of Roller Derby.  But you know who you are, or at least you should know who you are.

So stop being a bunch of douches.

Start behaving yourselves.

And just quit being a bunch of douches.

There were some very not douchey people that I got to work with last night, although I am not going to have time to mention all of them

Otter!  Thanks for coming up, you always make things more interesting.

Zane, loved seeing you again!

Yacob!  Cool to see you again as well.

Dread, fear not, Stripe Force still won the after party.

Bacon, you were on that winning team as well.

Jaime and Bu, thanks for letting Stripe Force win the after party!

The Sun, for lighting my way home on the way back after the party was done.

Adrian and Brye, for putting up with our nonsense, and walking up the hill.

Frost, for just being awesome.

MVM, for having a great bout and not giving in, sorry about all the cuts I called in the second half (but they were really obvious).

 BSOD and Dr. K, for coming and helping out.

Well, that is a good start, maybe I will add more later.