Tuesday, October 29, 2013

That time of the year

I think it is that time of tge year, waiting impatiently for winter to arrive, yet pissed that it is coming because winter is six or seven months I cannot spend in tge field. Stressed out about the firewood supply.  Annoyed that all of my classes are soft rock.
I think I need a break, I have to work though, and class is going to be there whether I want it to be or not. Maybe something cool will come down the pike, maybe collecting rock samples for the mineralogy lab and the advanced classes, which would be mainly an excuse to go west and look at shit.
The thing is that I learn so much more when I go out to the feild than I do in class.  I want to explore, I want to learn, I want to see things I have never seen before.
Thinking I should talk to my advisor once he gets back from GSA.