Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Looking into the Tiny House movement...

I have been researching "Tiny Houses" for a while now.  I like the idea of being able to pick up and leave if you either get the urge, or get the need.  The problem is that not a lot of places are very forthcoming on the plans that they have for their houses.  Then today I saw something awesome in the newspaper.

Occupy Madison has decided to start building Tiny Houses from recycled materials for the purpose of housing the homeless.

Ok, that officially qualifies as awesome.

I am going to see if I cannot get a plan from them so I can see how they are building their tiny houses, I have construction skills, and as it turns out my sister just got a bandsaw for Christmas.  There is a possibility that some good could come from all of this.

I will need to upgrade my truck if I have any intention of towing something that big, but I should not have to upgrade it that far, find an old Dodge diesel or something along those lines, so I am not getting completely gouged on the fuel costs, and can safely tow a 3000-4000 pound trailer.

Upon further research I think the best bet would be a Toyota Tacoma, all you have to do is put a real hitch on it and it will pull that size of a trailer with little issue.  That and I miss Zippy the Wonder Truck, would love to have a Toyota again.