Friday, April 18, 2014

The end is near!

Well, near in the I have been at school for the last three years and after this summer I only have three classes left, two are online and one is a one credit-one day a week-lecture class.

So by the end I mean the end of school.

Then I will have my BS, which I have earned by dealing with all of their BS.  I will have free time again.  I will be able to go back to working full time.  I will once again have money!  I will be able to pay off student loans.

I will be able to get on with my life.

Hopefully this means I will be able to go out and actually meet someone with similar interests who can assist in my adventures.

Interests include:
Making stupid YouTube videos and trying to hit on something that goes viral.
Insulting stupid people

I do have a few non-interests, which have shown to be deal-breakers in the past...

Must have passport
Must be able to move
Must be witty and sarcastic
Must not want children
Must read (romance novels do not count, unless there are vampires, not that stupid Twilight shit).

Anyway, I just felt like writing something quick.  I have to go correct a bunch of labs (about two inches worth), look at putting together a stack of lab reports (about an inch worth).  Look at writing a 16 page instruction manual (fucking kill me now), try to plan out a video session with a bunch of compatriots in the worlds most annoying writing class (why do I need this?)

Its time for me to graduate....  I have hit a new low of FTS mode....

I was also considering trying to set up my camera and putting together some quick videos I could chuck on YouTube and spam across the twitter-verse and Face(palm)book...

This will also test to see if I need to obtain some new editing software or not.

Alas, going to be a busy day.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I had to send my phone in for repair the conversation started boring an normal....

I had to send my phone in for repair the conversation started boring an normal....

Chat InformationPlease wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.
Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Steffi'. There will be a brief survey at the end of our chat to share feedback on my performance today.
Chat InformationYour Issue ID for this chat is LTK112560661325X
Steffi: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?
Jeff: I have a galaxy s2 (was not on dropdown list) and it refuses to charge, just a slow blinking blue light in the corner
Jeff: Will not turn on
Steffi: I understand that the device is unable to charge. Is that correct?
Jeff: unable to charge, I had it fully charged and the phone off and now it is stone dead
Jeff: Is there a way to return this phone? It has been nothing but trouble.
Steffi: Thank you for the confirmation.
Steffi: I will be glad to help you.
Steffi: May I know the model number of your phone ? You can find the model number beneath the phone's battery which generally starts with SGH, SCH or SPH .
Jeff: sph-d710
Steffi: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
Steffi: Thank you for the model number.
Steffi: Since when you are facing the issue?
Jeff: it started about a month ago, I was busy and tried to see if a soft reset would fix it, it still was having charging issues, but after about two days I got the phone to fully charge. I turned the phone off because I had gone back to my old phone, when I picked it back up it was stone dead.
Jeff: would not even try to charge.
Steffi: I am sorry to know that.
Steffi: Have you tried charging the device with PC?
Jeff: yep
Steffi: Is the device getting charged when connecting to PC?
Jeff: does not appear to be getting anything now.
Steffi: Have you tried with an alternative charger?
Jeff: The fact that the battery dies when the phone was off is rather troubling though
Steffi: I am sorry, let us try few troubleshooting steps to isolate the issue.
Jeff: well, I can't even get the slow blue flashing light now...
Steffi: If the issue persists, the device has to be sent to Samsung Service Center, where our Samsung expertise will examine the device and will fix the issue.
Jeff: The buttons were sticking too, I would recommend just recycling the thing.
Steffi: Have you tried charging the device with an alternative battery?
Jeff: I only have one battery
Steffi: Okay. Just to confirm, are you able to see the charging icon when the device is connected to charger?
Jeff: no
Steffi: Is there any physical or liquid damage on the device?>
Jeff: no
Steffi: Please connect the device to PC and check if you are able to see the charging icon on the screen?

Then I decided that I needed to make sure she understood that the phone was truly dead....

Jeff: It is connected right now, it is inert.
Jeff: It has shuffled its mortal coil.
Jeff: If it were a parrot it would be stapled to its perch and hanging upside down.
Steffi: Please try to move the charging pin and check if you are able to charge the device?
Jeff: wiggled back and forth, tried with two different mini-usb chargers (both off pc)...
Steffi: Thank you for the information.
Steffi: May I know the IMEI/HEX/DEC number of the device.
Steffi: You can find the number beneath the phone's battery.
Jeff: Dec xxx xxxx xx xxxxxx
Jeff: I feel the phone is bereft of life, puching up daisies... Kicked the bucket....
Steffi: I am happy to inform you that the device is in warranty.
Jeff: Yeah! You never get that with a parrot.
Steffi: I can recommend you contact the carrier or purchase store for any insurance or 30 days exchange warranty or I will be glad in filing a service request to send the device for repair to Samsung service center.
Jeff: I checked with the purchase place, they said to send it to Samsung...
Steffi: I will create a service ticket and send a shipping label to your email. The link for the e-label will be active for up to 10 days.You can send the phone to Samsung using that shipping label. It will take 2 business days to receive the device and 5-7 business  days to service the device and 2 business days to ship the device.
Steffi: We will bring the handset in for evaluation, and the repair technician will determine if the cause of damage is due to defect or an external source. If a defect is found due to external source, you will receive an email with the option to pay for repair. If the damage is not caused by external source, the device will be repaired under warranty.
Steffi: All personal information will be lost and should be saved prior to sending the phone to the repair facility.
Steffi: Please provide me with the following details so that I can raise a service request on your behalf.
Steffi: 1. First name:
Steffi: 2. Last name;
Steffi: 3. Email- Id:
Steffi: 4. Contact number:
Steffi: 5. Mailing address:
Jeff: Jeff Harrision
Jeff: I guess we can say the phone will be off to meet its maker then...
Steffi: Yes. The device will be shipped to Samsung Service Center which is at Plano Tx.
Jeff: Not a Monty Python fan, I seriously recommend looking up the dead parrot sketch...

Sometimes editing is a good thing...

I wonder if anyone else noticed this unfortunate combination of headlines and front page stories...  Up at the top the header for the Ludacris concert, below, a story that the college student (Alyssa Lommel) is coming back to UMD after getting her hands amputated from severe frostbite...
Yep, that is an unfortunate lack of editing...  Good job, good job....

Just in case you are wondering about the whole story, the person riding piggy back had an incident where where she got dropped off after drinking at a party, could not get in her house, and was not found until the next morning in far below zero Minnesota weather.  She had severe frostbite which necessitated the amputation of both of her hands and part of both her feet.
Last week Ludacris played a lousy show at the Amsoil Arena which is obviously worthy of the top bar of the paper, it is just unfortunate that they have a top bar about raising your hands and screaming above the picture of someone who lost both her hands.
Intentional?  I would severely doubt it.
Should have been caught in the editing process?  Definitely.

Just in case anyone needs the photo without the arrow pointing things out...

Update: I just noticed there was a large burst of traffic hitting this blog post.  Where are you all coming from?

Friday, April 11, 2014

New Age Rebirth!

The planet is radiating superpositions of possibilities.

Nature requires exploration. The goal of transmissions is to plant the seeds of truth rather than suffering.

Illusion is the antithesis of will.

Imagine an unveiling of what could be. It is time to take potential to the next level. This vision quest never ends.

The transmission of nature is now happening worldwide. We are being called to explore the nexus itself as an interface between guidance and energy. The future will be a higher blossoming of life.
You will soon be re-energized by a power deep within yourself — a power that is ethereal, archetypal. Reiki may be the solution to what’s holding you back from a powerful rekindling of hope. As you reflect, you will enter into infinite potential that transcends understanding.

Eons from now, we warriors will grow like never before as we are aligned by the quantum soup.

Nothing is impossible. We reflect, we dream, we are reborn. By unveiling, we live.

We are at a crossroads of chi and suffering. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the cosmos via frequencies. Reality has always been beaming with lifeforms whose bodies are immersed in coherence.

Are you wondering where this amazing page of new-age thought came from?  Visit....

The New-age bullshit creator!