Sunday, June 29, 2014

Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake

The bison pictures also happened to be from Antelope Island, but we did do some more there than just look at a few bison.
We also went on the Antelope Island Death March.  Ok, not really that bad, but 5 miles in 90-100 degree heat under full sun equated to me emptying all of my water bottles.  It should be mentioned that I generally carry about a gallon of water for hikes.
This also was the hike where I basically said goodbye to my knee strength.  One more day in the field and now I have a brace that I am wearing every day.  Bah, to hell with getting older.

Here are some pictures though!

Reflections of mountains of the water in the morning.

There were birds making nests and feeding young at the visitor center.

A lonely island out in a Great Salt Lake.

The rocks were rather tipped and twisted here as well.

This is evidence of global glaciation about 2 billion years ago.  Also possibly of vandalism because it looks like someone wrote on the rock at the bottom.  That is, however, less than 2 billion year old.

A big grasshopper
These rocks are actually fossilized evidence of algal blooms in the Precambrian.
Interesting how all the trees grow in the little valley.
A look down at the beach from up towards the top.
A parting shot from the window of the Turtle.