Sunday, June 29, 2014

San Rafael Swell, what a place to camp!

Our stop fo the night was the lip of a canyon in the San Rafael Swell region.  The view was incredible, when the sun went down there was not a light visible on the horizon.  My camera and I went nuts!
All of the trees were twisted and bent into evil shapes by the conditions.  I also looked at a cut section of one of the trees, turns out most of these trees are hundreds of years old.

This is where we camped for the night, right on the edge of the world.

A couple of us hiked down the edge a little bit to see what we could find.  We did find coal, and a baseball bat.

The stone was eroded into very amazing shapes.

Here is one of the adventurers, staring out into the abyss.

He agreed to take a picture of me, looking like I am looking for something.  You can't really tell, but after this rock there was nothing.

I found a crack in the world, possibly where the gnats came from.

Another one of those amazingly twisted trees.

Just a boulder, but what a shape.

A rock uterus?

Here is the view out into the canyon.  It was a lot of nothing out there.

No mater where you looked there was not a lot to see...  Except nature!