Sunday, June 22, 2014

The first day of Field Camp.

Since I have finished the first week, it is time to post the pictures from the first day...  Have patience, I have been busy!  I was one of the lucky few who actually completed the first project though.  The first day of field camp was mostly just driving around looking at a few things in the immediate area.  There are a lot of larger structures that have tidbits in the area around where we stay.  We drove around and got a quick introduction to some of the sequence layers, and some of the history of major events that created much of the geology that we are going to be looking at over the next six weeks.
It may be nice and warm out on the hill, but there is still snow in the mountains. 
View of a large earthen dam.

Gigantic mosquito hawk, about three inches over all....

We had to do a quick explanation of what we saw here...  It wasn't graded, so I feel free to post the picture.

Trace fossils...

Ants that climb...

Laura was really excited to be in the field.

A closer look at the conglomerate beds.

They still have glass insulators...

Nice example of bedding.

Dinosaur footprints.