Friday, June 13, 2014

The turtle hits a turtle....

The illustrious Turtle Van from UMD hit a turtle on the freeway across South Dakota.  Of course since I was following the turtle across the wonderful state of South Dakota I then hit the spinning turtle with wheezy the wonder truck.  Th end result is that I now have turtle guts all over the bottom of the turtle.

But we made it to Mitchell South Dakota, and now we are camped down for the night, enjoying a beer.  We are hoping that the severe weather avoids us, but it looks a little ominous.

Sorry, no pictures yet, but we did take some pictures of the wonderful Corn Palace, and there is even a picture of the back of the turtle van.  Just you wait.

In other news I introduced the drive out group to postmodern jukebox.  They were very intrigued.