Sunday, July 6, 2014

After all of the squirrels I had come across it was about time I saw a moose

We were back from our day of driving around and a few people decided to walk down to the river (about 300 meters distant).  I was hanging around the campsite getting a few things organized when my trusty co-pilot Michael camp running back to inform me that there was a moose hanging out  down by the river.  I grabbed my camera and followed him to where we could see the moose.

I stayed a safe distance from the moose while I was taking photos, I also had the telephoto lens going so I could stay that far away.
He was hiding in the bushed along the river, having a snack.

I really wanted him to turn towards me, and then he did...

Those of you who know me know that I only shoot wildlife with a camera..

After a while he started to wander across the river.

He looked like he was seeking a good place to cross...

After scanning the river for a few minuted he gradually ambled away.

But not before he took one last peek over his shoulder.

He did stop to have a munch of foliage as he went off into the brush.