Thursday, July 10, 2014

I never promised you a rainbow... Oh wait, yeah I did...

Here you go!  OMG!  A Double Rainbow!
I just realized that all of the time I have spent in Park City I have never wandered around with the camera and taken pictures of things.  Since I have an entire day to do basically nothing now that I have all of my stuff packed I think I will go and do so.  Then I will have to go and find someplace with fast interwebs and have an upload and blog party.  This of course means that I will likely end up back at Starbucks.  Of course I am heading towards old downtown to take pictures, so there is also a possibility that I may find a local place that actually gives a crap about coffee over profits.  What a novel idea.

PS.. The Starbucks Kenya is pretty lousy, not sure if it has been sitting around to long or if they just roast a lousy Kenya.  Either way I wrote a tweet about it directed at the Starbucks page.  Big surprise, I have yet to get a response.  The reality is that the coffee tastes astringent, possibly a bit turned, with none of the fruity acidic tones that you should expect from a good Kenya.  The Starbucks was also out of cream cheese...  What self-respecting coffee shop runs out of cream cheese?  There should be a law.

Back to the rainbow picture.  If you look at the lower rainbow you will notice that the bands of color are doubled, therefore I am referring to this rainbow as the deuce and a half rainbow complex.

So far the laptop is up to 40% charge.  I think all I have to do is check the weather and wait.  Should be able to get all of my miscellaneous errands done before it is fully charged, then I can go adventuring.  It is still before 11 in the morning here and I have already finished all of my tasks for the day, so I guess it is time to do extra credit.

For those of you who may at some point end up in Park City I am also going to make a list of places that I have found that are pretty chill.  Hopefully I will even be able to find you a decent coffee shop to hang out at.

In the meantime, while I wait for the laptop to finish its charge cycle I think I am going to run to the 7-11 and look at a map of downtown.  I only have 35 more hours before the shuttle comes to pick me up.  I have to make the most of them.