Friday, December 5, 2014

Mother Fucking Space Elevator...

Do you have the feeling sometimes that neither party has your best interest in mind, and as a result you are frustrated by our current two party system?

That is likely because neither party has your best interest in mind.

This is why we need to bring third party politics out of the shadows with strong, original candidates that say what they mean, not just what they think is safe.

Mother Fucking Space Elevator.

There is a reason that I want to build a space elevator, and there are a lot of things that go with the space elevator that I think will resonate with a lot of people who are frustrated with the current two party system.

In order to build the space elevator we need to:

Fund math and science education.

Alleviate, if not eliminate student financial aid debt.

Ok, that sounds too simple, but lets look at what this does.

Funding math a science education, from elementary school all the way through college, means that we will be able to compete head to head with the greatest minds anywhere on the planet.  We will be able to make America exceptional for reasons other than our booming prison population and our perpetual fawning over reality television.  We will be able to make America smart again.

By alleviating or eliminating financial aid debt the students that come out of our colleges and universities will be able to afford to innovate and develop their own businesses out of school.  More businesses means more people coming up with new ideas, and higher employment.  Faster growth and a better life for everyone.

If the standards of living increase then the need to use the prisons as a control mechanism of the poor gets eliminated.  We will no longer be able to afford to put people in jail because we will need them as employees.

This innovation will allow us to start the process of running ahead instead of falling behind that will lead to the construction of the space elevator, a long process that may be two generations down the road, but what that leads to is even better.

Once the space elevator is built we will have access to all of the mineral wealth of space.  Helium 3 for powering safe and clean fusion reactors to provide energy without fossil fuels.  We will be able to mine for minerals rare on Earth in places like the asteroid field, and do it cost effectively.  This means that the mining projects that we don't want in our backyards wont even be on our planet.

The most incredible thing will be that we will be able to start exploring again.  It will be easy to build larger and more capable spacecraft in space itself by assembling them in space.  Larger craft means that we will be able to start longer missions and to actually start to explore out past the Earth-Moon system and into the entire solar system.  This will cause a second and likely larger bump in science growth and economic growth that will sustain our country long into the future.

Another side effect of this is that we will no longer need the resources of the Middle East and other places that we only tolerate because we can't sustain our economy any other way.  If someone does not behave we will no longer have to deal with them at all.

It will not be a short process, and it will cost a lot of money that has to come from somewhere.  But if we did not need to depend on the resources of some of the more violent places in the world we would also not need to maintain a military presence there.  This alone frees up billions if not trillions of dollars over a rather short number of years.

So I want you all to say it with me.

Evil Jeff for Congress...

Mother Fucking Space Elevator!

Now tell your friends, that candidate you can believe in is coming in 2016.
Image courtesy of  wikipedia.