Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gradual unzipping of the fault in the Nepal Earthquake

I was noticing a trend of a gradual unzipping of the fault in the 4/25 Nepal earthquake.  It seemed that there was a trend for the aftershocks, and some of the further quakes to be gradually migrating to the east over time.  I could attribute this to stress loading along the still unbroken fault as stress relieved in one area is redistributed to surrounding areas of the fault.  I prepared a really basic Excel graph, and will be keeping an eye on this, and possibly also doing more looking into this as time goes by.

But anyway, here is the graph.

As you can see there is a gradual migration in the data points from the point of the initial event at 84.7 towards the east, with many of the aftershocks clustering around 85.7.  It should be noted that the major aftershocks occurred at Time 6.75 and Time 31.15.  These also have migrated from 84.8 to 86.0.

Of the two events at longitudes east of 87 the first of them seems to be back from the fault, although it is lose enough that it is likely related, the second occurred right along the trend of the same fault system and we will have to watch in upcoming days as to if there is a trend migrating in that direction.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Brothers Burn Mountain at Carmody Irish Pub

Cramody is dark in the back with no fancy lighting and these guys move a lot.  Makes it hard to get photos.  Alas, I did so anyway.
Also, Bigger album means bigger story...
 Mike stared at the maintenance manual about as much as Blaise stared out the portholes.  He knew that if he didn't he would miss something, and missing maintenance when you are in space is a bad thing.  The solitary staring into the maintenance book or out the window was punctuated by a sudden and disheartening sound.
 It sounded kind of like a whirrr, wah wah wah wah, clunk, chatter, chatter, chatter, pffffttttttt.
There was no way that was a good sign.
 Mike immediately opened the comm channel.
"Hey you two, we need you, bring the box."
The box was the tool box, when they had built the ship they had made a point of using only a few simple tools to assemble everything.  Since then with all of the modifications and jury-rigging that had changed.
 "Fucking-a Mike." Started Blaise, "Your lucky we don't have shit for gravity, this thing is huge."
"Yeah, you can still tell it has momentum when you try to make it go around a corner, or stop it..."
"I know you two, but it is what it is.  As far as I know every tool that we could possibly need is in that box, lets get to work."
 From the sound that the dying piece of equipment made they had a general idea from where the sound had emanated.  They did know that it was not a critical piece of equipment because there were not alarms going off all over the place, but it still had to be fixed.
 After pulling off the fifth panel over the mechanics of the wall they could start to see what was going on.  There was a pump that moved used lubrication oil from the main catch back t where it was filtered and redistributed.  This was something that would cause lubricating oil to build up and eventually leak out all over behind the bulkhead, which would be a huge mess to clean up in space.
 As of right now everything was contained, the centripetal oil collection unit was doing its job, just the pump to move the oil out had shit the bed.  The first thing that they noticd when they looked at it was it was not an original part.
 "Where the fuck did they get that pump?" Asked Blaise.
"I have no idea, never had to pull one of these out." Stated Mike.
"It actually looks like a dry sump out of an old Porsche that has been converted to electric and then cobbled in place."
 "Well Dick, since you think you may recognize it, think you can fix it?"
"I think I can, I will have to see exactly what died first, but I will take a crack at it."
"Do you want any help in there?  It is pretty cramped."
"No, I will let you know if I need you, just get some absorbent towels ready just in case, and maybe some fire suppressant.
 Dick started looking at the cobbled together motor.  As it turns out it was not as poorly cobbled as he had first feared.  The oil pump had a shaft out the top onto which a flexible joint had been attached to connect it to the motor.  The motor was a simple electric motor like you would find in a washing machine, simple, but not designed for space.
 As it turns out the motor had bearings in the front and rear that were of the type that needed lubrication.  This is the one thing that had been ignored this entire time, maybe an assumption that since the whole thing was floating in zero gravity it wouldn't need lubrication.  Well the thing had finally seized and popped a fuse.  It did not take Dick that long to diagnose and fix the whole ordeal.
Dick floated into the control room when he was finished.
"As it turns out the lubrication pump needed lubrication.  Make sure you put that on your maintenance schedule Mike."

Pizza Luce, Ides of March, Saturday

First band, I forgot who they were covering, just took a few pics and then walked down the street.
However, once again I am not talking about the pictures, completely unconnected story, just a short one this time.
 It was an odd day, and I have no idea why there was so much lumber floating in the lake.  I really wanted to go out and build a big fort with all of those timbers.
 If it were not for all the damn alligators.  Or are they crocodiles.  I have no idea.
 Alligators or crocodiles, the difference is irrelevant when you are looing to build a fort out of the timbers floating off of Park Point.
 But which ever one of them it is it makes going to the beach less fun.
I guess you could build a fort to protect yourself from the alligators and the crocodiles, might work, see if that pops up if I have that dream again.