Sunday, August 30, 2015

Goodbye Facebook

So long Facebook.
I am tired of having to fight with yu over privacy concerns.  I am tired of having to fight over copyright concerns.  I am tired of you being an open window into my life whether I want you there or not.
At first you were kind of like another friend, you allowed me to see what people were saying and the conversations were often somewhat intelligent.  At the time you were also aiming at college students, and as a result the conversations often were truly more intelligent.
Then you opened up to everyone and the monster took over.
The timeline started to be a constant stream of memes being replied to with more memes.
The collective attention span of society started to drop like a stone.
The 140 character limit of Twitter started to make more sense as the collective attention span of Facebook turned into Lol, here is my cat.
I like cats, I hate cat pictures.
Soon people discovered that through Facebook you could also spew vitriol, and here is where the darkside truly took over.
Your top friends (based upon an algorythym), make a post.  These are your top friends based upon views, so the fact that they are your top friends could very well be based upon the fact that they are the only ones left on your timeline.  This is because the "top stories" on your timeline is based not upon when the story was posted but if it is trending.  A story will come across as trending if it is either really popular, or because the person who posted it has a shit load of friends, it has gotten a lot of exposure.
The only way to get a post to get exposure is to have a shit load of friends, when you have a shit load of friends then you can be advertised to en-mass and considered to be one group.
We are no longer people, we are datapoint in an algorythym.
Free yourself.
The other day there were 1 billion people on Facebook at one time.
Those one billion people could have ben having a conversation with someone face to face instead.
Maybe if 1 billion people would talk instead of posting cat pictures we could fix something in this world.
Kill the monster.
Kill Facebook.
Talk to people.
Give people hugs (when the situation is appropriate, running around hugging strangers could get you arested or worse).
That is all.

The sailboat has been in the water!

Earlier this year I bought a Finn Olympic 14 sailboat.  I had to go through a lot of work to get it ready for being on the water and that took about a month and a half to complete.  I had to refinish the mast, refinish the floors, spray about 16 cans of spray-foam into the voids in the hull for flotation and now I consider it seaworthy-enough.  I still have some issues with leaky auto-bailers, but I do not think that there is much other than to reinvent the wheel that I can do about that.

I also do not own a proper water-proof camera.

I do however own a old canon eos Rebel XT that is 8 mega pixel and kind of wonky anyway.  I was considering removing the IR filter to turn it into an astro-camera, but upon looking at what was involved, including a clean room I think that I may have to nix that idea.

I figured that as long as I toss it into a plastic bag to keep it from getting really-really wet it would be ok.  Party on...

So now I have some action shots from the boat!

Begin the album!
I refinished the mast, but I would not call my work art-quality, that and the mast takes a beating.

This cruise was brought to you by Hamms, and the land of sky blue waters.  This was also the first time that I have ever had beer on the boat.

Sailboats can leave a wake...

It was a nice day, consistent breeze right out of soup-town.

This boat has been laid up all year, which makes me ponder why.

This boat has also been laid up, although largely because it is 73 years old and got torpedoed in WWII.

Espree decided to join me today and run the tiller, she also brought the beer.

The wind was variable, but usually between about 10-20 mph...

There was a little spray, and I am pondering my ISO settings.

The water was nice, small waves in the harbor, we ended up cruising about 10 miles in about 2.5 hours.

This is what the wake looks like when you are really moving!  No I don't have a motor!

A little spray, I was getting my butt wet!

Perfect day, although a touch moist...

14 feet of the waterline, gently making waves?

It is surprising how much water a boat throws off its prow.

That initial sheet then breaks up into droplets, which get caught by the wind, and make your clothing moist.

Just in case your wondering I love tormenting people who hate the word moist.

A while back I destroyed my cell phone, Facebook is next.

People just don't talk anymore.

We yack back and forth on our phones and on Facebook, twitter, et al.  But we don't sit face to face and communicate.

This is a shame.

We also don't seem to spend as much time reading books, but that is a conversation for another blog.

After the death of my cell phone, in epic and destructive fashion...
Now I have decided the next waste of my time that needs to go away is Facebook.

It is handy from time to time but it is also annoying as shit.  It seems to be a constant reminder of how vain and immature our society has become.  We want instant gratification, we want reality TV, it seems that a large portion of our population wants Donald Trump.

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Today I posted a facebook thread asking why I should stay on Facebook.  I have not gotten any worthwhile responses as of yet.  The first reply was actually that there really was no reason to stay.

Therefore, we are getting close.

Goodbye vain and annoying world.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

I got through the month of computer hell, time to get some shit done.

Windows has built in instabilities.  That is the truth of it.  The OS on the laptop, which I was using to do most of my work started taking a shit about a month ago.

Windows 8 Home is what it came with, and it is a useless operating system.

Windows Server 2012 is an awesome operating system, with no driver support.

Windows 10 is a complete joke...  See

Windows XP only supports SATA drives with drivers off of a floppy.
     The laptop does not have a floppy...
     Who the fuck uses floppies anymore?
     Ok, I admit, I still have a box of them somewhere.

I grudgingly decided to install Windows 7 (with Ubuntu as a backup).

Well, 7 Pro can have all of the stupid "register your computer online" stuff disabled pretty easy.
     As a side note, I have a valid OEM key, it just would not accept it because the key was for OEM and the disk I have has Service Pack 1.

Windows 7 also allows you to delete shit (with a little bit of a fight, but not nearly as much as with 8 or 10).  This way I can get rid of all of the pre-installed bullshit and just have a clean computer.  With a blue desktop and a couple of useful icons.

Just to make my month that much better the server I use mostly for email and hosting the mumble server decided that it was depressed and was going to end it all.

I was hoping that smell was the power supply going away, it wasn't.

Alas, the hard drives survived, which is a good thing, considering that there are 2.2 TB of files on that machine.

Thankfully I had my Minecraft server sitting there quietly with 1 small hard disk and a bunch of empty space.  Now it has 5 hard disks and not a lot of empty space, but it is running happily.

I am thinking of resurrecting the machine I built in 2003, loading it with drives, and just using it as a file server.  Either that or I will just pick up a couple of externals, maybe the kind that run over the network and just stack them on top of the router with a short network cable.  It looks like I still have 12 empty ports on the router, and it is gigabit, so the lag wouldn't be to horrific.

Anyway, I have to reboot the laptop so I can go into the bios and disable the touchpad.  The thing annoys the shit out of me, and I have some work to get done.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Windows 10, not even good enough to look at cat pictures.

July 27th? 2015, or whatever day it was released.

The day the Internet died.

I am very happy to see that before they could even release a their first virus patch someone had written a properly horrific piece of ransomware to attack Windows 10.

Windows 10, the worst Windows ever!

Ok, I will usually give a new OS a little bit of a shot.

XP was great, Vista was a train wreck.

I did not particularily like Windows 7, but at least it was somewhat stable.

Windows 8 took an exorcism in order to be moderately useful, and at that point it would lose its registration and be unable to recover.

Windows 10 is a clusterfuck.

I was hoping to find a more powerful world than clusterfuck.

Not good enough to surf cat pictures.

The killer of the Internet.

More unstable than an illegal alien Mexican stripper addicted to herion.

More memory leaks than an altzheimers patient.

Slower than Congress.

More redundency than New NT technology....

Shakier than Nick Nolte trying to quit drinking.

Calling Windows 10 retarded is an insult to retards.

More bloated than a TLC reality show.

Less intelligent than a Kansas school board.

More prone to infection than a bleeding ulcer on a ladyboy hookers rectum in Thialand.

Uglier GUI than cleaning up after a bukkake shoot....

     On a side not:  I am just going to keep adding on this list, suggestions are welcome.

More annoying pop ups than a nursing home with Viagra in its water supply.