Sunday, August 30, 2015

A while back I destroyed my cell phone, Facebook is next.

People just don't talk anymore.

We yack back and forth on our phones and on Facebook, twitter, et al.  But we don't sit face to face and communicate.

This is a shame.

We also don't seem to spend as much time reading books, but that is a conversation for another blog.

After the death of my cell phone, in epic and destructive fashion...
Now I have decided the next waste of my time that needs to go away is Facebook.

It is handy from time to time but it is also annoying as shit.  It seems to be a constant reminder of how vain and immature our society has become.  We want instant gratification, we want reality TV, it seems that a large portion of our population wants Donald Trump.

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Today I posted a facebook thread asking why I should stay on Facebook.  I have not gotten any worthwhile responses as of yet.  The first reply was actually that there really was no reason to stay.

Therefore, we are getting close.

Goodbye vain and annoying world.