Sunday, August 9, 2015

I got through the month of computer hell, time to get some shit done.

Windows has built in instabilities.  That is the truth of it.  The OS on the laptop, which I was using to do most of my work started taking a shit about a month ago.

Windows 8 Home is what it came with, and it is a useless operating system.

Windows Server 2012 is an awesome operating system, with no driver support.

Windows 10 is a complete joke...  See

Windows XP only supports SATA drives with drivers off of a floppy.
     The laptop does not have a floppy...
     Who the fuck uses floppies anymore?
     Ok, I admit, I still have a box of them somewhere.

I grudgingly decided to install Windows 7 (with Ubuntu as a backup).

Well, 7 Pro can have all of the stupid "register your computer online" stuff disabled pretty easy.
     As a side note, I have a valid OEM key, it just would not accept it because the key was for OEM and the disk I have has Service Pack 1.

Windows 7 also allows you to delete shit (with a little bit of a fight, but not nearly as much as with 8 or 10).  This way I can get rid of all of the pre-installed bullshit and just have a clean computer.  With a blue desktop and a couple of useful icons.

Just to make my month that much better the server I use mostly for email and hosting the mumble server decided that it was depressed and was going to end it all.

I was hoping that smell was the power supply going away, it wasn't.

Alas, the hard drives survived, which is a good thing, considering that there are 2.2 TB of files on that machine.

Thankfully I had my Minecraft server sitting there quietly with 1 small hard disk and a bunch of empty space.  Now it has 5 hard disks and not a lot of empty space, but it is running happily.

I am thinking of resurrecting the machine I built in 2003, loading it with drives, and just using it as a file server.  Either that or I will just pick up a couple of externals, maybe the kind that run over the network and just stack them on top of the router with a short network cable.  It looks like I still have 12 empty ports on the router, and it is gigabit, so the lag wouldn't be to horrific.

Anyway, I have to reboot the laptop so I can go into the bios and disable the touchpad.  The thing annoys the shit out of me, and I have some work to get done.