Saturday, September 19, 2015

Grand Marais scavenger hunt???

Ok, not really a scavenger hunt, more of a bunch of random things to try to find if you are stumbling around Grand Marais at night.  These are some random sights that I noticed or had pointed out to me while I was doing out Grand Marais Golden Mile.

Shoegazing may help you on this one, and it is not just any quarter, it is embedded in the sidewalk.

What a creepy doll head you have....

Hmmm, short on cash?  Try taking this to the bank they may get suspicious.

I think someone is trying to lure you to their establishment.

 In the words of "Portlandia", put a bird on it.
This one is behind a little door and hidden away.

It is not behind this door, that apparently does not go anywhere and even the staff did not know what it was for.