Thursday, September 24, 2015

Other stuff, damn I have been writing a lot.

In four days I have written 10 long posts about Zen and the Art of Squirrel.  All of this began as a conversation that happened to hit me immediately after my return from a weekend retreat in Grand Marais.

The purpose of my retreat in Grand Marais was to clear my mind a little bit.  Let me have a weekend away from everything I was used to, and perhaps write a little.

Upon my return I have written a lot!

I mean a lot.  Those ten posts don't look like much until you suddenly realize that I have written about half of your average short book on a meaningless subject.

Not to say the subject is meaningless.  There is a lot that is going into writing these posts.  They may be a stream of consciousness brain dump on to the page and sometimes end up places that I did not originally intend them to end up.

They are amazing none the less.

I can make them better, and at some point I am going to put them all together into one document and then print it out and edit it all for content. Make it consistent and possibly coherent.

Then I my see where it all goes from here.  It is a long way down the rabbit hole, shall we see how far it goes?

We also had the single busiest day ever on the blog!  It was more that a ten fold increase over the normal traffic.  I have not been pushing the blog all that hard so that is a huge jump.