Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Great Gatsby, why I hate this book

I am finally in the process of reading The Great Gatsby and the one thing I cannot get out of my head is a young Fred Savage asking "Is this a kissing book?"

Well although there is an abundance of useless romance aspects in the book the book is mostly about the excesses and tribulations of being rich in America.

The thing about this that I feel is that it explains to me why I hate rich people.

Why try to live happy lives when you can either buy happiness or sedate unhappiness away with booze?  I almost feel that is one of the lessons of the book.  Sedate, inebriate, buy, buy buy.  America of 1922 was much like America of today only with flappers instead of Iphones, and people when on excursions instead of online.

People got out and enjoyed themselves, but they seemed to have little if any self-control.  Tom seems like a traditional right-wing douche, he complains about women being able to get out and meet people and have flighty relationships while at the same time running around on his wife.

Gatsby is a fake, and he is good at it.  But is this really any different than all of the people of today trying to pretend they are right by leveraging everything that they may have in the future to have a fancy car today?

I hate the Great Gatsby, but the style, not the words, but the concept.

I feel it exemplifies what is wrong with America and tries to make it out that being a lie and good at it is just as good, or often better than being truthful about who you are.