Friday, November 27, 2015

A Fall hike on Ely's Peak

Ely's peak is in the far western end of Duluth off of the Superior Hiking Trail.  The trails are in great condition but not the best marked.
It was a beautiful fall day and the plants were cool looking in browns and reds.

This is one of the scariest bridges I know.

The picture really does not do justice as much as the "bridge closed" sign that is on one end.

Got to watch a train roll by.

There were a lot of those annoying little Japanese Lady Bugs.

In all reality it is just a small concentration.

The Oliver Bridge is amazing still there, and still viable.

Mont du Lac is the same way, still kicking.

Spirit Island sits alone...

This was the oldest one we found.

Looking down from the top towards the west.

And to the North East.

See, I told you the bridge was closed.

Hiking partner.