Saturday, December 19, 2015

Trying to get some painting done...

Trying is the big part of this, I am not making a ton of progress, but work is getting done.  Slowly.  I think I have the one done.  I will look at it later and make a final decision on it.  The other one I have to work on some man made structures, and I have never been a fan of those.  You actually have to be aware of what you are doing when you are painting man made structures.

They will be done and then I am going to start looking into doing some images of water/ship related themes.

I have always loved water and boats.

I always loved watching the boats go by.

I wish I lived on Park Point still so I could watch the boats go by.

I miss watching the boats go by.

Oh well, things happen.  I may take some images of what I am working on but not until after Christmas because they are technically presents...