Friday, December 11, 2015

Working on Christmas Presents

I do not like buying things for people, just not my bag.  Everyone already has a abundance of plastic crap that is going to get tossed in a closet and forgotten, I would rather get people something that may be of some value or at least is creative.

I often make caramel popcorn for the nephews as they really love the stuff, and I know exactly where it goes, and none of it goes to waste.

For my sisters I am doing paintings.  Just medium sized oil paintings.

Of course there are issues with doing oil paintings within a time-frame.

Oil paints don't dry on a convenient schedule.  They take forever to cure, like weeks....

As a result there may be some "here is a picture of what you will be getting when it finally is dry" action going on this year...

Tis the season.