Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Fun at zero degrees with a star filter

I decided to venture outside in the blustery cold! Ok, it was nonsense cold, like cover up or your ears will fall off cold.  The air was about zero degrees, but the wind made it feel like twenty degrees below zero.  Thankfully I have the proper clothing for these conditions.

Not sure the camera likes it, but meh....

I also have a star filter, not a filter for looking at stars, a filter that makes star bursts around bright objects.

 The moon, Orion is off to to the right.
 The very, very, very cold observatory, and the big building.
 Looking down the road towards town
 Looking up at the moon again.
 Looking down the road going the other way.  You can see how the fisheye distorts the edges of the image.
 Wide view of the ranch.
Looking down the waterline.

These were all shot with the fancy new Canon 10-18mm lens, bang for the buck, it is pretty damn good.  I tossed a star filter on it for giggles which made for the cool patterns around the lights.

New lens!

I have always wanted a fisheye lens, you know, one of those ridiculous wide lenses so I can shoot the sky and panorama images.

Of course you need to play with the lens to figure it out.
 Why Oscar!
 Christmas tree close up...
Look, its Oscar again!

Quick Lester park hike

My phone pressures me into doing more activity, I take advantage of this by obliging it and going hiking/skiing, et. al.

I also have a camera.
I take pictures!
Starting from the top
 Zoom back out!
 Tip and zoom some more!
 Along the river, and through the trees
 Fat bike tracks.
 There is a wonderful little glen of pines.
 The cliff along the bank.
 Looking up the creek!
 The lost stairs.
Last look of the river

Black Friday in Tettegouche!

It was Black Friday, I hate shopping.

No, I really, really hate shopping.

I went hiking as it was not yet cold, although there was a little bit of snow on the ground already.

I took pictures!
 There was a little bit of snow on the trail, and it was warm enough that it was largely a slushy mess.
 The falls at Tettegouche
 There was a little ice floating below the falls, not nearly enough to venture out on.
 The river was mostly open, just a little ice along the banks.
 Palisade, from the top...
 Not sure what an "Er Ook" is.
 Looking at the water up close.
 The swing bridge, looking straight through.
The falls, they make a lot of ice!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Finally! Some snow!

Not much snow, but a little!  Once I get some more writing done on the short story I am working on I am going to go and test the trails.  I am going to guess that there is going to be a lot of rock contact.

I am ok with that, I have skis that I have designated exactly for these kinds of conditions, but when I went up on the trails about a week ago there was only about two inches of snow, but they were quasi-skiable.

Oh well, time to get a few more things done, and then I am going to give it a try!

I also have a lot of camera pictures to dig through.

And I got a new lens!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Almost the supermoon!

I had a bunch of moon photos from right before the super moon...

Time to put them out there!
 A little over half...
 Once again...

 This was just shooting with the camera out of the door on top of the observatory.
 This looks like the night before full
 And again...
This is the difference between shooting through the telescope and shooting just through a zoom lens, this is at 250mm of zoom!


I was going to go out and post this album a while back but I got swamped with other responsibilities, bad weather, snow, flying monkeys.  These kind of things happen.

Oh well, better late than never!

Meagan and I went down to Brighton Beach in Duluth, Minnesota so we could shoot the Supermoon rising up over Lake Superior.  I knew that the atmosphere would bend the light of the moon as it rose on the horizon, and that is exactly what I wanted to catch.
 No moon yet....
 There is some moon!
 Little more...
 Pretty much fully up, but notice how squashed the moon is as it sits in the zone of interference right along the horizon.

 Still looks like a squashed potato.

 As the moon rises it also gets less and less red.

 There must have been a temperature inversion as it squished up again.

 Only for a moment...

Finally I went back to the observatory and got a real shot with the telescope!  SUPERMOON!