Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hartley park hike

I have been on a new years fitness kick, we will see how long this lasts, although some portion of this stems from a step challenge with the girlfriend.

As it turns out when you actually challenge me I exceed.  Maybe she should challenge me on getting a grad school application put together,  considering that she will likely be reading this shortly I am guessing that challenge will be placed in the morning.

I have had a long weekend as a result of the holiday, and I am in pain from my actions, but it is the good pain that results from activity.

Thursday the two of us went snowshoeing, there really was not enough snow to make the snowshoes a necessity, but it was a good three mile haul.

Friday I had another day off for the new year so I went hiking solo, ended up going down the same trails, but for 4.6 miles instead of three.  It was invigorating and a good excuse to drink a Nalgene bottle of coffee in the woods.  It does not hurt that as a result of our el nino weather it has been in the twenty degree range which is hot for this time of year.

Today I went for the breaker, I looked at the trail map for Hartley park and jumped right in on it.  Although I hit the "start hike" button after I was already on the trail I still racked up five miles.

I feel great, sore calves, an oddly sore shoulder, but great!

I want to keep this up and I hope I do, I go by the park I hiked in the first two days on the way from work to home so I can just hit it on the way.

I think if it remains nice out I will do so.