Friday, March 4, 2016

Second night of incredibly strange dreams....

The first night was a two part dream involving going crust-punk partying with B-Rad, killing his neighbors abusive husband with a ice climbing pick and a rock hammer.  I should mention he was defending himself with an axe, and was wearing a suit of armor and weilding a shield.

In the sequel the now freed wife came back as a 1990's era Shannon Doherty and we were introduced to the board game called "fuck you annoying Nancy", as well as later finding out the Nancy was actually our upstairs neighbor.

Night twos dream was also a bit on the strange side, this time dealing with the domestic diputes and the upheavals caused by lesbian cleaner robots working overnights at a mall.  It turns out that they were breaking the trolly system in the mall because the kids riding the trolley were making two much of a mess, and the one robot was abusing a human store manager who seemed to have a whole Stockholm syndrome thing going on because she was afraid to admit that she was in an abusive relationship with a lesbian robot.

I figure with dreams like these how can life get any better?