Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Starting to get back to normal

Egads, we spent six 1/2 days without power at work.  The first two we were closed, the next two was over the weekend so they don't count, the next two and a half was the first part of this week.

This equates to hell.

We ended up renting a generator so that we could operate somewhat, although not likely safely, for the first half of this week, but there was nothing we could do!

We had to string extension cords, and extension cords attached to the ends of extension cords, going into splitters, so that we could get enough things running to get things out the door.

There was no other way to do it.

The generator had 4 outlets, at a minimum we had to run 3 scales, and then split the rest between the sealers (two for each section) the grinders (which we could only operate one at a time), one printer, and then the shipping computer/monitor/scale/label printer.

It was a shit show, but we survived.

At one point when we were trying to troubleshoot what the redneck who set up the one machine did when he wired it (the redneck will remain un-named), I was on facetime with the former owner of the company, who was on his home phone with the retired designer of the machine I was working on, both of whom were in France.

Finally today after a 152 hour power outage the lights came back on.

Oh, did I mention that the buildings to either side of us had power the entire time?

Yeah, across the street, and across the parking lot they had power the morning after the storm.  It was just us, the former church, the hardware store, and apparently everyone up the hill from there that had no power.

Oh, did I also mention that the power switches are in the basement....


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Laptop is still dead, hence, no photos.

So the hard disk in my laptop shit the bed a while back, working on getting a replacement, but it takes time.  The biggest problem is that the only card reader I have is in the laptop.

I suppose I could do something funky with a live cd, but I would rather just fix the damn thing.

I think it is supposed to be rainy tomorrow, which would result in a good day to get these things fixed.  I have been making progress on the observatory, but I am now to the more difficult and complex parts,  so the going is slow.

Once all of these summer projects are finished not only will I have more time, but I will also have a good work space.

I will have true privacy!

This is going to be a beautiful thing!