Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hungism, origin stories, the origin of beer.

Early in the dish pit it was hot and there was a lot of work that needed to get done.  The work made Hung thirsty and he wanted something to drink after a long day of cleaning all of the dishes of the universe.

Hung thought to him self, I need something to cool me man...

After much thought as to what would be the most refreshing and relaxing after working a long hard day in the dish pit Hung determined that the best choice would be a nectar of the God, beer.

He went through the ingredients that he had available, which were many, for he had access to everything that was, could be, and will be.  He decided that malted grains and a touch of hops made the most relaxing beverage to be consumed after a hard day at work and he named it beer.

Beer was a wonderful beverage and it was not long after the invention of beer that all of the wonderful things that we now know as our world came to be.

But first there was Hung, then there was beer.

Cool it man.