Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mammatus clouds, again!

This has been a crazy weather summer.  It hit 94 degrees in early May, a time of year that we are normally struggling to reach 70.  That was followed by a nasty thunderstorm.

A few weeks later it was almost ninety again, once again, nasty thunderstorms.

Reached towards 90 again, that night horrific thunderstorms, the story of which is going to become a blog post later because Duluth got whacked in that storm.

It was 90 again yesterday, we got some storms early this morning, and I am looking at the warning popping up to our west as I write this.

But anyway, June 19th we has storms pass just around us, the lake prevented them from rolling right over us this time, we did get some awesome mammatus clouds right at sunset!

Here are the pictures.