Sunday, February 26, 2017

Just a douche with a really wide... Lens....

I have been trying to get around to take pictures.  Hopefully I will be able to get some goodies in the upcoming weeks.  I am also planning to take a vacation, for the first time in several years, this summer.


(cleans up drool).

 The Backyard stars
The front yard stars

The Schwinn Mesa project

Every once in a while I have to go to the dump, getting rid of a pile of stuff that wont fit in the trash can, or just should be disposed of differently.

While I am up there I usually look through the "reuse" piles.  Most of the stuff in the reuse piles are well past the point where they could be salvaged, although there are exceptions.  I actually have gotten most of my cross country skis up there.

Well this time I came home with a bike.  It needed some love, and a seat....
But, it was a 24 speed Schwinn Mesa, aluminum frame mountain bike (with new road bike tires).

I have a new seat and post coming, along with fenders so I can stay spray free.  Hopefully that should all be here this week some time.

There was some other stuff that it needed, the front shifter was not going all the way to the big ring, as it turns out there is a little clicker that is supposed to drop down, and it was not doing so any more.  Also nothing that brake-clean and Marvel Mystery Oil could not fix.

I am hoping that I can turn this bike into my commuter this summer.  The LakeWalk in Duluth goes from near my work to near my house, which keeps me from riding in traffic.  Also with the traffic I will be avoiding it will only take a couple of minutes extra to make the ride by bike versus car.

Now I just have to wait on my parts, and then wait on the weather warming up!

Bring on the summer!

Lunar Eclipse

Quite honestly it was not much of an eclipse, that and the fact that it clouded up almost immediately made for a pathetic night of observations.

Alas, I got one picture...

 Yep, that is all I got, then the clouds rolled in and the night was done.

Alas, such is life.

Sorry about the hiatus....

I have been distracted by life, work, bowling, and the preponderance of snow free winters.

I want to ski.

I can't...

This sucks.

Anyway, I am going to rip through the stuff I have been ignoring and get some blog love up for everyone.