Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sandhills, Badlands, and Black Hills, Call it Tuesday (Old Camera)

Meagan and I took a lot of photos, like metric shit tons of photos.

I am splitting them up by camera so I can not overwhelm anyone.

This is the photos off the old camera of the Sand Hills, Badlands, and then Black Hills.

 Hills, full of sand
 Dinosaur, looking at hills
 Grass and highway!
 More bad lands... and a dinosaur...
 Ohh, tuff and clay
 Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
 Prairie dogs
 Old burn area?
 Little mountains
 Tunnel vision!
 Distant rocks
 Dinosaur approved
 Tall rocks
 Rare picture of me.
 Rocks and dead trees
 Another, skinnier tunnel.
Wild turkeys hanging with Turkey Vultures.

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