Friday, September 15, 2017

Adventures of Big Bird!

Never thought I would write a post about a Muppet would you?  Well, I am not really writing about a Muppet, actually about a boat, named after a Muppet.

Because it is big and yellow!
The boat is an Ericson 32' sailboat, and now that I have had her out a few times I am getting more and more used to how she handles and what to expect from her.

Big Bird has been out for three cruises so far, the first was a quick out and back just to get the feeling for the boat, here are a couple of shots.

The second cruise I did not take any pictures, although my nephew shot a boat load (get it).  I may bug him for some later.

The third cruise was more extensive, did the circle tour of Park Point!  Because of the weather not cooperating (there was no wind) we did most of the cruise under motor.  But I did get some excellent shots!

I also designed a flag for the boat, which will be getting unveiled at some point.  My acrylic paint on loose fabric skills are a bit lacking, but here is the raw image.
We call it the "Jollier Roger"