Saturday, December 16, 2017

a whole bunch of random in a nice neat ball

Turns out that getting away from Facebook is about the best thing that a person can do for themselves.

The paintings are coming along nicely, I do have to get some more started, but the ones that I have been working on are looking great.

It finally snowed, as a result I have already put 20 km on the skis so far this year.

I am thinking of going to Star Wars tonight.

I am also thinking of watching a movie and jumping on the exercise bike for a bit.

I have a very large wood pile ready to split for next year!

The weather man is calling for 11 inches of snow next Wednesday.

I can take a 40 minute nap before dinner.

By 'weatherman' I actually mean Accuweather, which is generally as accurate as throwing darts at a bunch of possible forecast options.

I think the nap is going to win, which means I have to find the cat.

Cat nap.