Saturday, May 26, 2018

Its a beautiful morning for a sail!

Slept well, the wind picked up in the middle of the night causing the lines to rap against the mast, so tonight I have to figure out the best way to keep them from doing that.

I am waking up with my coffee and bagel though, I love that breakfast. The birds are singing, the boat is rocking gently against the dock it is over 70 degrees and early in the morning still. I think it is supposed to get close to 90 again today. I need to figure out where my homies are at!

Just kidding, not that cool, how about if I find to people who want to go sailing all day.

Is there an echo in here? Yep, Google+

Seems to comment by echoing the original post on everything.

Friday, May 25, 2018

So long wisdom tooth, waiting on the cured fiberglass, pop-up thunderstorms.

They told me after I got my wisdom tooth out that I was not going to be able to do anything the rest of the day. They apparently don’t know me at all. Just because my blood pressure was exactly 120 over 80 does not in any way shape or form mean I am normal. I got home, played Minecraft for a little while to let the valium wear off, mowed the lawn, ate some soup and then I was off in search of fibeglass mat so I could finish the chainplate repair. I am not going to lose a day where I can spend the entire afternoon working just because I had surgery in he morning.

Right now the boat is happily at dock, which is a good thing considering I have half of the starboard chain plate bolts sitting in front of my laptop. Right now I am waiting for the fiberglass to cure up a little more, it is going fast and hot today so I want to keep an eye on it. When I did the top half it was all of 45 degrees outside so it cured really slow, today it is hovering just south of 90, so it is going a bit quicker.

This also explains the thunderstorms. I am hoping this active phase of the weather passes, it is Memorial Day weekend and I intend to do some cruising. Speaking of which I got accepted on the wiki-cruising forum, so I am going to start writing bits a pieces for that. I have a wonderful book of Lake Superior cruising lore and information, and if I can put some useful data onto the wiki that would be wonderful. Not that I really need to spend any more time getting distracted, but you cannot cruise every night. Some nights I will have nothing to write (of my story), nothing good to paint, and maybe I just want to edit the wiki.

I cannot wait until I get to the point where I can actually cleanup the interior of the boat. I have been doing so many projects that there are tools and shit everywhere.

First year on the boat issues I guess. Overall the boat is treating me just fine. I finally got Ian out on the boat, we just did a short harbor cruise, from the marina to Barkers and back. Ian enjoyed the cruise, it helped that there was no yelling of trim that line! You are on the wrong side of the boat! I am a far more casual sailor than that. I will get there when I get there. I am kind of like a stoner sailor, without the drugs.

I did get the CO stickers on the boat, since they are legally required now. I even got a CO detector. It is not technically a marine model, but I will write marine on it and then it will “say marine on it.” Some one hand me a sharpie.

The way the rule is written is really stupid. You have to have a “hard wired” CO detector on the boat, of course this is a sailboat. The power is usually turned off. Therefore I got a battery model, because, then it is hard wired to the most dependable battery on the boat. Meh, close enough.

I also went on Amazon today, post tooth extraction, and I ordered a solar panel that should fit just fine right on top of the cover for the slide back of the hatch, and a horn because the boat does not have one.

Well, I guess that is all I have to report at the moment. I am thinking I am going to sleep on the boat tonight because it will be far more comfortable here tonight than it will be at home!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Captains log 18 05 18 stay warm!

I am going to try this sleeping on the boat thing again, it has been a relaxing night out, I went to a memorial for an old friend of mine after work, it went well. Afterwards we met at the Owl’s for a beer and bad humor. I think the air is clear again.

I was hoping for some thunder tonight, but I think the air near the lake is still too cold. I am wnting to do some fiberglass work tomorrow, and the whole sleep on the boat and wake up at 8 in the morning after a real nights sleep will be nice. I can go home, eat, and get ready to face the day and still be up out on the town earlier than if I went home to my regular bed. That and the drive is a lot shorter. From my hang out to the boat is less that a mile, from there to home is closer to ten.

I have my tooth brush and all of the necessary amenities on the boat, that and the rocking put me to sleep like a baby, that and I stay asleep. I jus have to warm it up in here for a while first. The space heater is working on it, by the time I finish this post and get it up on the net I should be pretty well set. I think the night is actually supposed to warm up as the night rolls through, thank you wind switch, so it should be a comfortable enough night.

I got started on making a Facebook page for the boat tonight, as the result of some requests to do so. I am not a huge fan of the Facecrack and it immediately annoyed me. Alas, it is the only way to find people these days. Something like a quarter of the planet is on Facebook now. What kind of a world do we live in?

I have been working on writing my story again. I know approximately where it is going to go. Speaking of which, I should back it up somewhere not on the hard disk so that I will not lose anything. I can solve this easily by emailing myself a copy….


I am at the 15,000 odd word stage, it is passing novella and becoming something real. I originally intended it to be a short story, but it got interesting and away from me.

Ohhh, according to the thermometer it is up to 50 degrees in here, how about I keep writing.

Wednesday was interesting, Tomkins lost his mast when he got blown into the lift bridge after a particularly violent wind switch. I saw another, presumably better maintained boat with a broken fore-stay. The two people in the marina that came in after the switch both hit the dock, luckily to minor effects in both cases.

51 degrees, I am making progress! If I can get it to sixty in here I will sleep like a dream!

It looks like the lake drove the storms to the north, so no thunder for me tonight. Alas, I wanted to hear some nice low rumbles, I guess I will have to wait for another night for that kind of fun.

So tomorrow I was thinking of re-fiberglassing the interior portions of the chain plates, reinforcing the portion in the cabin where years of water leakage did a number on the wood. I am also going to extend the chain plates further down and into the wood where it is a lot more solid. I think in general more is better when it comes down to what I have everything attached to. I was just going to extend it down with an aluminum plate extending down through another 4 bolts, but after some thought and research on the subject of dielectric corrosion I am either going to come up with some stainless or use normal steel, and find some stainless when I get a chance to come across some, which happens in my life.
52 degrees.

I am not sure if it is the heater or just me breathing down here that is doing the most work on warming things up. Oh wait, 53 degrees, must be the heater, hopefully some of this heat is making it to the Vee-berth.

I had three beers and three cups of rather gut-rotty coffee tonight, I think I need to bring them some coffee pot cleaner again. It really does a good job of saving my belly when the coffee pot is clean and the coffee doesn't taste burnt. Generally speaking that isn’t the coffee though, usually it is just that the pot and the brewer needs a good cleaning.

Ok, enough digression for now. I should be getting off to sleepy land, it is twenty to two in the morning, still hovering at 53 degrees, but that isn’t that much colder than what I would get sleeping in the basement at home, never mind, just switched to 54 degrees.

I will plug my phone into the charger, brush my teeth and then see where we are at. Even after I unplug the heater it will still kick out heat for a while, if we could get a wind switch it would really make the difference.

Well, the boat is up to 55 degrees and the fan is blowing away from where the thermometer is mounted, although I am sure that most of the warm air is rising, theoretically some of this blew into the Vee-berth.

I am going to post this mess to the interwebs and lay myself down to sleep. I have blankets, I will not freeze to death. It is supposed to be warmer tonight than it will be tomorrow night (talking about hgih 30’s for a low tomorrow, to hell with that. I cannot wait until summer arrives for real!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Good day to stay at the dock!

I got to the boat and got the motor started up, I had checked the weather and they were predicting a wind switch with 10 mph winds, gusting to 16 before dropping off to 8 mph.  While we were waiting for our third person to arrive we watched at the race fleet went out in the lake to run a race and shortly after they had cleared the bridge one of my dock neighbors called out, hey, look at the flag over there!

The flag was point straight back out of the NE, we had SW winds all day and with the off-shore breeze it had warmed up to a very pleasant 85 degrees.  That wind shortly got to us at the marina and the temperature immediately plummeted.  Not to mention I was getting 5 degrees of heel at the dock with all of the sails wrapped and stowed!  Oh, and the wind was at my aft quarter, not even getting hit broadside!

Here is a screen shot showing the sudden change in the weather.
That switch from 81 degrees, west wind at 9 to 48 degrees with NE wind gusting to 38 was a killer!

The poor little J24 '151' was caught in the ship canal when the wind switched, which was accompanied with a inbound current as well as the water sloshed across the surface into the harbor driven by the strong winds.

Here is a video someone caught of '151' getting dis-masted by the bridge.
I checked with those guys later back at the dock and everyone was ok, but they were not the only one who had trouble.

As the boats were streaming back into the harbor we saw another boat that had lost a fore-stay.  And the two boats that came into our marina both had issues, the one came in hot and even with three helpers on the dock we were not able to stop him from bumping the pier, luckily with the anchor mount and not the fiberglass.  Shortly later another J24 came in and we got him to the dock safely but five minutes later his stern line snapped and he hit the concrete as well, luckily there were people still around so only minor cosmetic damage.

It was a good night to stay at the dock and have dock beers.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Captains log 18 05 13

I decided not to stay on the boat last night, it was just too cold and I wanted to get a bunch of work done at home before I got distracted. As it turned out a switch in the wind was a good thing and compared to the 42 degrees that it was last night when I finally finished up reading through a writing project I have been working on and deciding that it is actually good, today it is 78 degrees according to the outdoor thermometer, likely a little optimistic, but even in the cabin it is 73 degrees. It is windier today, but it is going in the direction that blows be straight back out of the dock, do getting in and out will be a piece of cake!

I also remembered to grab the seat cushion for this seat so I am no longer sitting on a life jacket when I am writing. I actually had a full car load on the way here, I grabbed my art supplies, I grabbed some clothes that I can wear, for instance if I was feeling saucy and wanted to change into short I could now!

I also finally found a vacuum, so I did a little cleaning on the floor, although I have a lot more that needs to be done before I can really consider it clean, it looks better. I think I am going to do that before anyone shows up, now that I think about it. I will be right back.

The floor cleaned up well, then people showed up and the boat left the dock! The GPS program works awesome! The GPS location was accurate to having me on the correct side of the correct dock in the marina.

I also discovered that my knot meter reads low, I am going to work on adjusting it next time I get a chance to go out and we have people along that can sail while I fiddle.

Oh well, here are some pics!

Captains Log 18 05 12

I need to make a better list of people to go sailing with, everyone is always working, has kids, has to be up early in the morning. Bahhh. Ok, I kid, really I should just toss the lines and go solo, it would be a good night for it. Other than the fact that it is 48 degrees outside and it is only going to get colder with the clear skies. I think they are saying thirty something for a low tonight. It wont drop below freezing by the water, but it will get damn close.

I finally got the pump to change my oil, and I got the CO monitor on the boat, which so far has achieved in annoying the shit out of me, because there is no really good place to put it, and it gives false alarms all the damn time, like when I accidentally kick it reaching for something, or when it just decides to be a piece of shit.

I did buy a clock, it is not the old fashioned style of clock where you have hands and actually have to read the thing, but a new-fangled digital, with some nice features like an indoor/outdoor thermometer, which is how I know that it is 47 degrees outside the boat, and 54 degrees inside the boat. I do have th heater plugged in but it has not had nearly enough time to start making a difference.

I am going to make a pot of coffee, and by the time that is done I should have it warmed up in here a little bit. I am very careful to not have more than one appliance turned on at a time, since I have the hotplate on I have the heater turned off, but it is still pumping out its remnant heat while the water gets to a boil. Not to mention the heat created by me moving around and grinding up the beans in my little hand mill. It is all the way to 55 degrees in here!

I did get a small fan to blow air around in here, specifically from behind the heater, through the coils, and into the vee-berth. It gets f’n cold up there, and heat rises, which takes it away from the vee-berth. Alas, it is the physics of heat that is defeating me, being now defeated by the mothers of invention.

Ok, according to the thermometer, which is conveniently immediately above the hot-plate, it is up to 56 degrees in here, but down to 45 outside. It is not like this boat has any insulation, and it id still early May, although almost up to mid-May. This is Minnesota after all, a month ago we got a foot of snow and I went cross-country skiing.

Oh, hot coffee, what a wonderful invention. I had not been drinking a lot of coffee lately because, well, I just hadn’t been in the mood. Considering that I work for a coffee roaster I think it was a bad sign. I have been resume spamming as well, we will see how that works out for me. If I can get the one job I am definitely going to be doing some fun and interesting moves with my life this summer. A lot of freelance work, and even more writing and painting, on top of keeping on top of the blog. Which reminds me, I should figure out the wifi password one of these days. It is relaxing being disconnected.

I am still waiting for this supposed atomic clock to figure out what the time is. It has been almost 40 minutes. It still thinks it is Sunday, January 1st.

I ran into some of the other sailor folk in the bar the other night, they were joking about how many women I am going to end up sleeping with this summer. I really don’t consider it a competition, I would be happy with one, presuming I can find the right one. Alas, it is part of the culture and I can tolerate it, but I am not going to turn into some lascivious man-whore just to make them happy.

According to the thermometer it is now up to a pleasant ~60 degrees in here, down to 44 outside. The heater is pumping out its steady radiance, and I think it is going to work out just fine with the little fan and the heater.

The other day we got a bunch of rain, which allowed me to go around the boat and mark out where I had leaks. I have a check list of things I need to go around and fix now, it is pretty extensive. Many of them I will be able to fix by myself, at least good enough for this year. Some of them are going to require doing some fiberglass work, and many of them will require an assistant, especially the ones involving taking a stanchion up and re-bedding it.

I still have not made the decision as to whether or not I am sleeping on the boat tonight. I am going to do some writing, I am going to finish my coffee, run downtown, and then see where the night takes me.

I did also go to the paint recycling place today, which was good, I got another 1/6th of a quart of spar varnish! This make like three quarts I have picked up for free so far this year. If I can keep this up I am never going to have to actually buy the stuff! I also found a little bit of alcohol for the stove, and a fiberglass kit, which was nice because I just have a small repair that I need to do at the beginning of the year, the big stuff, like when I decide I need to tear the decks up and re-core them, that can wait.

I am happy, the leak repairs that I have done are all working out swimmingly! There is no water at all coming in where I have taken the time and effort to tear out the old silicon caulk and replace it with butyl, like it should have been sealed with in the first place.

Oh well, I think I am going to work on some fiction writing. This is a large part of my I wanted to get on the boat, well that and painting. Oh, and freedom. But I have done enough blogging for the moment and it is time to do some of what I bought this little piece of freedom for in the first place. I also can’t wait until I have the leaks above the dinette fixed so I can put the cushions in and I don’t have to sit on a life jacket anymore.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Blue Brown dream.

Not exactly sure how the whole things started, I was either at a doctors office or an insane asylum, either one would work.  But I had a problem, I could not see the colors blue or brown, not all hues of blue and brown, but really specific wavelengths within the ranges of blues and browns.

The interesting thing about this is that if something was one of those colors it did not show up as grey, it was simply not there.  Like you could use blue ink on a piece of paper and I would be completely unable to see it.  I believe the sky would still be white, but then again I never got a chance to experiment in the dream to see if the sky would be stars, even in the daylight.

I think that the easiest way to describe it would be like in photoshop when you add transparency to a layer, it was like that.  If because of some freak of nature the daytime sky was no longer blue and I could see the stars, even in the daylight that would be the coolest thing.

Just sayin...

Changing your boats name

First disclaimer:  I am not changing the name of Big Bird, the name fits too well...

Second Disclaimer: I am not going to do much research here, this is just common sense.

It has always been considered to be bad luck to change a boats name, and I am guessing that if you looked back in the history of boats, there was a propensity to disaster after the boats changed names, but lets look a little closer at this.

Why did they change the name?  Usually if an owner has a boat they are not going to change the name of the boat while they own it, the boats name is going to signify a new owner or operator of the boat.

This brings up the question:

Why did the previous owner sell it?  Was the boat already on its last legs and it was easier to find a sucker to buy it than to scrap it, or does the new owner/operator have any idea what they are doing.

If it is a new boat with a new operator, does the crew have any idea what they are doing, do they know all of the quirks of this new boat, can they read the weather just by listening to the hull and the rigging?  I am going to guess not.

Is the new operator/owner familiar with the area that they are sailing the boat into?  Do they know all of the hazards, what the weather is likely to do, where the hidden rocks, good places to find shelter, quirks of harbor entrances, etc. are?

Does the new owner really have to earn a buck off this boat to recover their investment and is as a result willing to take unreasonable chances with the boat in order to get their return on investment.

And this is how people die.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Curious things in the long term weather forecast, a Hurricane!

OK, as a huge caveat, long term forecast models are notoriously unreliable.  A slightly smaller caveat, the Atlantic Hurricane season has not started yet.

But looking at the models I saw this thing set to run across Florida on May 25th.
Yep, that is a category one hurricane, predicted for two weeks from now, originating in the Caribbean, and rolling across Cuba, and then across the straights, over Florida, and emerging near the Florida/Georgia border in the Atlantic and then petering out over Georgia.

Shit son, I will have to keep an eye out for this one!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Captain's log, adventures of Big Bird 2018 05 06

I survived another night on the boat, the additional blanket made a difference, but looking at the weather forecast for next weekend it will be a little while before I sleep on he boat again. I also need to get a fan so I can move the air around a little bit.

But I did not freeze to death, I woke up this morning, even rolling over a few times to get another forty winks I go up at 8:15 in the morning (I actually looked at where the sun was coming in the port hole above the V-berth and guessed the time within five minutes). I had my breakfast coffee and left over pizza with an orange, and sat out in the bright sunlight of morning.

I survived another night on the boat, the additional blanket made a difference, but looking at the weather forecast for next weekend it will be a little while before I sleep on he boat again. I also need to get a fan so I can move the air around a little bit.

But I did not freeze to death, I woke up this morning, even rolling over a few times to get another forty winks I go up at 8:15 in the morning (I actually looked at where the sun was coming in the port hole above the V-berth and guessed the time within five minutes). I had my breakfast coffee and left over pizza with an orange, and sat out in the bright sunlight of morning.

I will call it a win. I think today, presuming that nothing horrible happens I am going to get out on the water and actually sail the boat. I believe that is what it exists for. The weather is nice, a touch cold, but pleasant. The winds are light, and the sun is bright. There are only a few wispy cirrus clouds, it should be a glorious day for a light sail.

Right now I am pondering if I should go home and grab one of the cushions for the dinette so I can use something better than a life jacket for a cushion, I also want to see if I can find the hose to fill the water tank up and finally get the pink stuff out of the water system. I think the extra weight in the bow would make the boat not as likely to bob when I am going over a head sea as well. Of course with a 9000 pound boat I am not sure how much of a difference 20 gallons of water could make.

I figured out why I had a charge imbalance between the two batteries, turned out there was a blown fuse on the one charger lead. Fixed that, the charge imbalance should fix itself in a few days, I will just start the motor on the well charged battery and then let the alternator charge up the other one when I am underway. It should be back in balance with in a few days.

In the meantime I am going to head home for a bit, get some more wood splitting done. It feels really good when that chore is finished for the season. Also, when that chore is finished I am largely free! Just lawn mowing and miscellaneous repair jobs after that!

I will call it a win. I think today, presuming that nothing horrible happens I am going to get out on the water and actually sail the boat. I believe that is what it exists for. The weather is nice, a touch cold, but pleasant. The winds are light, and the sun is bright. There are only a few wispy cirrus clouds, it should be a glorious day for a light sail.

Right now I am pondering if I should go home and grab one of the cushions for the dinette so I can use something better than a life jacket for a cushion, I also want to see if I can find the hose to fill the water tank up and finally get the pink stuff out of the water system. I think the extra weight in the bow would make the boat not as likely to bob when I am going over a head sea as well. Of course with a 9000 pound boat I am not sure how much of a difference 20 gallons of water could make.

I figured out why I had a charge imbalance between the two batteries, turned out there was a blown fuse on the one charger lead. Fixed that, the charge imbalance should fix itself in a few days, I will just start the motor on the well charged battery and then let the alternator charge up the other one when I am underway. It should be back in balance with in a few days.

In the meantime I am going to head home for a bit, get some more wood splitting done. It feels really good when that chore is finished for the season. Also, when that chore is finished I am largely free! Just lawn mowing and miscellaneous repair jobs after that!

After a bit of a break the boat finally left the dock!  My friend Anthony came down and we went for a quick three hour tour of the harbor.  The wind was damn cold, something about 45 degree air and a touch of wind.  It is still relatively early in the spring for these kinds of adventures, but it will warm up soon.  The entire time we were out sailing, which other than for the temperature it was a perfect day for (8 knot wind, almost perfectly perpendicular to the run of the harbor) we did not see another sailboat on the harbor.  To be fair, to my knowledge I am only the second person to actually leave the dock and raise sail so far this year.

As you can see it was a very hard sail!  On the way back we did get to out comfortable 15 degrees of heel at almost five knots on a nice close hauled run back to the marina.  We got back and started getting the sails all put away just in time for a salty to roll in and cut very tight across the harbor, which was slightly nerve-racking because I could not move much closer to shore as I was going to run out of channel, and with the main still getting folded on the boom I could not turn.  Thankfully they gave enough room that no one had to do an evasive.

Captain's log, adventures of Big Bird 2018 05 05

I finally spent the night on the boat, I would consider it to be a liberating experience. At the beginning of the night the wind had kicked up and it was rather noisy because despite b]my best efforts there were still things slapping around up in the rigging, not to mention the rub of the boat against the fenders, and the howl of the wind. The wind was officially only about twenty knots, but it was still enough to make a racket. I fell asleep like a log and I stayed that way all night, at least until closer to dawn when I reallied how cold it had gotten after the wind had switched off the lake. I believe the official outside temperature was 43 degrees and although the main cabin of the boat was sufficiently warm, the v-berth was a little ice cube. I think I can fix this with a little fan, something that would not be that difficult to obtain, and air circulation has never been noticed as a bad thing. I was pondering this winter about installing some dorades, I believe that is spelled correctly, but that would have only brought in more cold air, which was the last thing I needed, I already had plenty of that.

I bought one of those oil filled heaters, so it does not have a fan on it to blow hot air around, which means that for the most part in heats its immediate vicinity, and anything directly above it. I guess that is the price I have to pay for not burning the marina to the ground. When I ran home today, on top of splitting a trailer full of firewood, and moving another persons boat out of storage in the garage, I grabbed another blanket. Now I just need to work on taking more application for the still open boat-bum cuddler position. I wonder how you would word that one on craigslist, wanted, little spoon.

In the morning I woke up an made a pot of coffee on the fancy new hot plate, and then I made a bagel in the toaster. I then proceeded to sit out on the back deck by the steering wheel and eat my food, drink my coffee, and watch the marina owner (Joel) run around in a little run about trying to get the storm damage to the plumbing under the docks fixed. It looked like he was making progress, but I still do not have any water. I did get my boat in the water really early though, I was the third sailboat in the water (I think in the entire area) and there are still only about a half a dozen or so boats in the entire marina! I think on my stretch of ~35 docks there are three boats, one of which is a charter fisherman and fishing is already open on the big lake.

Todays adventure was an attempt to change the oil in which I discovered that the plumbing line that goes to the sink leaks like a sieve. I fixed the leak, but after getting was dripped all over the engine I am going to let it dry out before I attempt the oil change again. I am also waiting for my brother to remember to bring home the little portable oil change bump that he brought to the tugboat and left there. It will make the oil change really quick work.

I did get the hose fixed, and I also discovered the problem with the wood piece at the top of the steps before killing myself when it let go at an inopportune moment.

The interior of the boat still looks like a train wreck as all of the cushions with the exception of the v-berth are still in storage, there is a big pile of mainsail to my left, as that one did not come with a sail bag, and I have not fixed the leaky stanchion above the q-berth so I cannot use that space as life jacket storage yet.

Thankfully the leaks I have left to track down and fix are all topside, which makes life easier. I do have power though! Which means I can sit here and work on my laptop to my hearts content! And since I do not have Internet I can actually get something accomplished!

It is an odd thing to think of the lack of in this day and age, but I do not have a clock on board. Not that I really need a clock with the prevalence of cell phones and what not, but to have a nice mechanical clock on board would be kind of nice. I did adjust the barometer today so that it actually ready correctly and not ¾ of an inch low. The thing was constantly reading change, it was enough to give a person a little bit of a complex.

I think I am going to take a couple of pictures of the interior of the boat in its current state, and make a pot of coffee. The fun thing about the appliances is I have to remember what are big appliances and what are small appliances, I can run several small appliances at any given time, things like the trickle charger on the batteries, the laptop, the interior lighting. But things like the toaster, hotplate, heater I only run one at a time. None of them draw over 1000 watts, and I should technically have about 3000 at my disposal, but why take chances when there is no reason to do so.

Although I am not ready to take the plunge into staying on the boat all of the time, the date when that starts is coming up pretty soon. I have to wait for the weather to warm up a little bit more first. It is still too cold at night to stay on here, although the heater helps, it can only do just so much.

I think tomorrow (Sunday) I may go out for a little bit of a cruise, and Wednesday as well. Savannah is getting back in town this week and I can bet that she is getting a little antsy to go out and go for a sail. I want to make sure that some of the electronics are working the way that they are intended to, like the autopilot. I never got an opportunity to fire the thing up last year, but if we go for a cruise out on the lake I will have a long enough run, and enough open water on all sides of me to fire the thing up and see if it sails me true. I also need to bring the little USB GPS dongle out and see if it is functioning with the open-source charting software that I downloaded to see where I am going when it comes time to do some more extensive cruising. Going around Park Point is fine, but sometimes you need to lose sight of land to know what it really feels like to be out on a boat. It is difficult to get far enough out on Lake Superior to actually lose sight of land, but it can happen, especially at night once you get away from the sky glow above Duluth.

I have a lot of work yet to do on Big Bird, but I have a whole summer to accomplish things! There is no reason to rush the non-critical stuff. Oil Change is a must, fixing leaky stanchions is a must, varnishing the grab rails is a must. I also have one chain plate that is towards the top of the to do list, although considering I have to dismantle half the interior on the Starboard side to get to it, it is somewhere between the leaky stanchions and varnishing. Where the chain plate attaches into the fiberglass of the hull it is solid, but the wood that it attaches to is a bit questionable, considering that it was marine plywood I am going to venture a guess that the chain plate has been leaking for a few years, or maybe decades and it still has not failed. But it is definitely going to have to be fixed for real, re-fiberglassed where the wood is gone, and an extension to the chain plate at the bottom so I know it is biting into something substantial before I go on any hard cruises in any conditions where I can’t just drop the sails, start the motor and cruise back to port.

Now that I have had the heater on for a while I have noticed that it is really nice and warm in the top two feet of the cabin, but all of the cold air is still pooling near the floor, meh.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Rise in despair? Blame social media

Well, I blame the over importance and ever presence of social media, plus the sharp rise in income inequality.  We turn on the TV and see the lives of the Kardassians or Paris Hilton, look around our own life and ponder if we can afford cheese to put on out saltine crackers.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Men are from Somalia, Women are from Afghanistan?

Men, lawless, uncontrolled, pretty much incapable of taking care of themselves.

Women, you can achieve a state of detente, but generally speaking, no matter how much effort you throw in their direction no one can occupy them for long, and they will ending up collapsing your empire.

Monday, April 9, 2018


Its Monday, potential storm starts Thursday night, I am not even sure if the low has made it onshore yet, lets look at the forecasts!

Weather Service - Might have a storm
Weather Channel 9-16"
Accuweather 11.2"
Wunderground 5-24"

I will keep this updating, I have found that Accuweather numbers will vary considerably,. even after the event happens. The others do similar things.  So far it seems like everything likes to roll just south of us, I would not be surprised if this does too.

Tuesday!  Lets see how things have changed...

Weather Service Too far out, check back later, but the first part of the hourly forecast shows 2.4"
Weather Channel 7-14"
Accuweather 12.6" (was up to ~17" earlier in the day)
Wunderground 9-16"

Wednesday Morning...

Weather Service Still too far out, but chance of 4" somewhere
Weather Channel 1-3"
Accuweather 3.2"
WUnderground 1-3"

Should be noted that GFS is showing 16" and CMC is showing 8"

As of 8am GFS is now showing 4"


The storm is going south

Weather Service 2.9"
Weather Channel 1-3"
Accuweather 4.4"
Weather Underground 1-4"

Its Friday, the first band is running south of us again, lets check on those forecasts...

National Weather Service 7.3"
Weather Channel 3-5"
Accuweather 15"
Weather Underground 4-8"

Its Saturday morning, the storm was supposed to hit last night (nothing has happened yet, just some flurries).
National Weather Service 8.1"
Weather Channel 5-8"
Accuweather 7.8"
Weather Underground 6-11"

So what actually happened? 12.3"!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Will this winter never end?

Before you start going off on a rant about how this disproves global warming, it doesn't.  There is a difference between weather and climate, and the additional kinetic energy of a warming atmosphere make anomalies more likely, not less likely.

But at the same time I wish I could get the boat in the water, I am sick of winter, it was warming up nicely and now it seems to have stalled for the moment.  I am sure that if we looked at the weather charts the reason for the local warming hiatus is something really simple like a jet stream that happens to be stalled in a position whereas the air masses that are rolling over the northern tier of the United States are coming south from the arctic instead of north out of the gulf or over the Rockies from the Pacific.

The other aspect of this is that the storm tracks generally follow along the jet stream, most of the storm systems as of late have been drawn south of us, but as the worm turns they are going to be drawn over the top of us.

There is another storm forecast to hit the area on Thursday-Saturday.  Personally I am hoping for rain over snow.  It would be far more beneficial to get a half an inch, or a slow inch of rain over the region that six inches of snow.  A half inch of rain would melt most of the remaining snow and kick start plant growth.  As a side effect the increased plant growth absorbs more of the sun energy, especially over a fresh white blanket of snow, and keeps the surface warmer at night.  It never really warms up here until the leaves pop out on the trees.

I want it to warm, but thanks to the big lake, even after it has warmed up in other areas, often as close as 15-20 miles away, it will remain cold in Duluth.

Until the cycle finally breaks, then summer can begin, and the beach walking and general insanity can begin.

I plan on being on the boat ball summer, or at least as much of the summer as I can stand.  The goal is to get used to being on the boat so that eventually I can sail away.  I imagine that I am going to upgrade to an even larger boat before I run away to the Caribbean, but that is on the list of eventual plans.

Oh well, I have burned enough of the morning writing this, it is reasonably warm outside and I think I want to go and haul some firewood about.


Saturday, April 7, 2018

Trump tower fire!

Why do they have a dumpster on the 50th floor?
Image stolen from Fox News, considering how much Fox has stolen from me I don't feel bad.

Big Bird!!! And projects

Mostly photos...
 I need to find some led bulbs for these fixtures...  It is on the list.
 I have three of these kerosene lights, but they really should have tops on them...  I might ask and see if they are hiding in a garage somewhere.
 Big Bird, up on land for the winter.
 Right after pull out, but before it snowed (about two days later).
 Right before pull out, but after the sails came down.
 Right after purchase, just before first cruise!
 Charlie at the helm (not my kid).
 With the wind in  my hair...
No wind cruise around park point, with these hooligans!

Future Boat Names

This should be an evolving post, and I apologize in advance for my google translated Latin.  But here is a list of potential sailboat names...

nusquam ad sumptus magnos faciendos

-going nowhere at great expense

And the hunt goes on...

Its spring, I am antsy, I want to get on the boat, I want to get a new job.  Maybe even find someone with similar thoughts on cuddling.  I have been entertaining myself working out in the greenhouse.  It is kind of nice, even if it is 20 degrees outside, it will still be 60-80 degrees in the greenhouse!  We are thinking that next week we will be planting everything and making sure the heat is on so it does not get too cold at night.

I think I am going to take some pictures out there today, so everyone can see what I am working with.  Not that there are a lot of people following the blog, but I am hoping that eventually all of my shit-posting will add up to something!

I have officially separated from Facebook.  I still have a twitter, but there is no personal information attached to it.

It is almost firewood season.  I am pondering taking some time today to run around and grab a couple of truckloads of logs from down the street.  The wood is all seasoned and should be good this year, at least good enough for fall firewood.  And never say no to free cords of firewood.

That is all for now.  I will see if I have more for later.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Jesus returns!

Jesus has made his triumphant return!  After nearly 2000 years JESUS is back!
April Fools!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Professional gaslighting?

I ponder sometimes how prevalent institutionalized gaslighting is among public mental health services.  It would be to the benefit of these organizations to convince as many people as they can that they are all crazy, and need to come back for services.  At the same time it would also be beneficial to make the people coming back be as easy to deal with, and treat as possible.  So what is to stop doctors from convincing their patients that they are crazy so that they can keep them coming back.  Keep collecting money from the state, and keep collecting a paycheck without actually having to do any real work.

I know that this is apt to be an unpopular position to hold. and that there are a lot of people that are in actual need of help for whom access to public mental health services are a life saver, literally, (I am sure I can find a book that explains this).

However, I also am well aware of the nature of humans, greed, and the general disrespect for humanity that my fellow sociopaths have.  If I was a psychologist I could see how this would be a tempting practice, and I know a lot of people who seem like they are treated with a disproportionately large amount of treatment for the scope of their problems.  They are convinced that they are far more abnormal than they actually are.  Psychological gas lighting.....

Hmmm, makes you think.

A quick update from the outsiders world

What a long strange trip its been.  My life is nothing when it isn't weird, if I do not have some form a surreal activity going on I just fall into a general state of moroseness, however, when thing occur that make life at least moderately interesting, or unpredictable at a minimum, then everything seems to get better.

It has at least gotten to a state of moderate unpredictability, does any of it make any sense?  No, absolutely not.  But moderate unpredictability.  The squirrels are content for the moment. 

I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of spring.  We were supposed to get a snowstorm, but it went south of us, April Fools!  I guess just to the south they did get a foot of snow.  I am guessing that all of the near misses that we got this year will be followed up next year, or the year after with a series of hits.

There is a painting that has been staring at me waiting for me to finish it for a while.  It is cold and lousy today, and other than a trip to Menard's there is not a whole lot I need to accomplish today in the world.  It is too cold and windy to go out and do any work in the yard, there may be enough sunlight to make the greenhouse pleasant for a while, but I am really questionable on whether that is a reality or not.

I have, once again, ditched the Facebook.  I just got sick of it, it is such a negative influence on life, and such an absurd waste of time.  Get rid of Facebook, subscribe to a blog!

I have been trying to figure out how to free up some railings and what-not on the boat so I can re-seat them before summer arrives, or more accurately, enough ice goes away that I can chuck the boat in the water.  I am rally looking forward to the summer and being able to get working on things.  There are so many things that I wan to get cleaned up, situated, generally arranged.  I want to be able to finally spend a night on the boat and sleep with the gentle rocking, and lapping of waves on the hull.

This all falls under those life goal things that I have had for a long time, and have never been able to achieve.  The intentions include doing a lot more painting, and doing a lot more writing.  So there may be a burst of activity in the coming months as the boat gets put together and I have time to spend time finding out who I am, and who I want to be.  You would think that I would have figured out these aspects of my life years ago, but what can I say, I am a slow bloomer.

Oh well, I think it is about time to get moving and make my shopping run to Menards.  I want to get the stuff I need to get some more work done in the greenhouse, and possibly some goodies for working on the boat, painters tape, some brushes for spar varnish, maybe even some paint thinner which serves many purposes in my life!

Oh well, off to go get cleaned up and on my way, I shall return!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Papua New Guinea Earthquake 2/25/2018

Large earthquakes are not focused on a point, they are actually a shear zone that lets go and shifts.  The 2/25/2018 Papua New Guinea earthquake just happened to have a very well defined shear zone when you looked at the aftershocks.
 The large red dot in the center is the primary earthquake the other dots are earthquakes sorted by depth, yellow <15km
Orange 15km-25km
dk. orange 25km-35km
Red >35km

Not sure why the primary is Red, should be Orange, unless the downloaded list had the depth wrong.  The main thing is that if you look at the earthquakes they are all concentrated in one well defined area.  On top of that the depth of the earthquakes slope downward towards the Northeast.

This is even better defined when you look at only the larger earthquakes, which are going to have more precise depth calculations.  The yellow dots are mostly to the SW, and the Red are mostly to the NE. 

March 9th Aurora

I live near a city that generally precludes my ability to see things like the aurora because of light pollution.  On Friday night I took advantage of not having to be up for work in the morning and took a drive up Highway 4 past Island Lake so that I could be someplace without all of the light pollution and actually get to see the aurora.  Turns out there are a lot more stars there too.

 That red blur in the distance?  That is taillights from a passing car.  Very soon it went out around a corner and disappeared.
 Since it was dark and still I was able to jack the exposure time up to 15 seconds.  As a result even though it was very dark as the moon was not up yet, you can see the white of the snow in the ditches.  The aurora was visible but dim on the horizon at this point.
 I look up to the west and saw Orion staring at me so I aimed the camera in that general direction and took a shot.  Using a 10mm lens you really don't have to aim much past "in that general direction" any way.
 Anotherquick shot with all the stars.
 Airplane flying over head, it is surprising how much of a trail they leave as they cruise silently along up in the sky.
I drove a few miles down the road and thought about pulling off, thankfully thought better of it because it was not plowed.  The sign is lit up in the taillights of the truck as I was near a curve and wanted to announce my presence.

One last shot with the road lit up in the taillights.  One interesting observation that I did not think of until this morning is that with all of the cars driving north, I never saw a car driving south the entire time I was out there.

I am thinking about what kind of a rig I could use for driving about and doing photography.  This summer the rig is going to be a 32 foot sailboat, but once the boat goes up on the cradle in the fall I am going to have to figure something out that is a more comfortable cruise than the truck.

Don't get me wrong, the truck is awesome as a daily driver and a go out and haul heavy things vehicle, but it is small and the heat is not overwhelming.  It gets heat, eventually, is the best you can say about it.  Also it does lack room that would be handy for hauling about photography equipment, for instance hauling a tripod fills it, and I would never be able to haul my telescope.

I will think about this more in the fall.  I have plenty of time to find the perfect vehicle, thinking a small import SUV.

In other thoughts when I was driving a long I noticed, and sadly did not take a picture of it to show as an example that the light pollution from Duluth was brighter than the aurora until I got about 30 miles out of town.  Even from Island Lake, which is a good distance out of Duluth, it was far brighter looking south than it was looking north.  We really need to do something about the number of lights we have needlessly aiming straight up in the air making it impossible for anyone to see anything in the sky.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Cheap plastic pallet

I switched to a cheap plastic pallet, little half dollar sized divots to mix paint in, it has been the most life changing thing I have ever done with my painting!

The thing is that I can thin the paints without them running all over the place, I can speed paint, I can work with the paint wet, and not have to worry about the paint being too gummy.

Also when you are using thinner the paint dries a lot faster, it gets tacky with a day, instead of a month!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


The title is in all caps because they are so terrifying, but the worst thing about this show was the slaughter of geology that got turned into a plot device.

Run, run away, from this show.

Yellowstone is fine.

But this movie is a killer.

Friday, January 26, 2018

I have been slow on the pickup

Nothing new there, but it is the beginning of the year, and I have to start getting things done at some point.

Painting has been progressing, I did not completely screw up my bowling handicap this year, although I am pretty sure I have the lowest handicap of anyone who is bowling this year (currently in the mid 30's, average for the league is about 70-80)....

Work has been interesting and somewhat surreal.

I want to go sail on a boat, really bad.  I also need to get rid of a bunch of boats as I have a surplus of them at the moment.  I think I currently need to get rid of four.

I am feeling I have too much stuff again, alas.  Time to do a clearing of the stuffs.  Hello Ebay!  I think I am going to make an honest attempt to get down to what will fit on a boat.