Saturday, July 28, 2018

Full moon cruise on Big Bird

I grabbed all of the riff-raff from the marina again, went out for a midnight cruise in the moonlight!
 AB, pondering the moon...
 AB on the foredeck, Max is taking a nap on the cabin top...
 Moon on the water!
 Full moon fever!
 We were a ways off of the bridge...
AB, pointing at something....

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Ian and Natty out for a sail!

It is a lot of work to get Ian out sailing, mostly because he is either working or out of town most of the time.  Finally did it.

We had a great run around Park Point, leaving in time to watch the sunset behind the hillside.  Still having enough light to see the logs floating off of Superior Entry, and the running up the harbor in the dark back to the dock.

My slip neighbor had a bird nest in his boom!

He forgot to put the cover over the end of his boom and once again he has birds in the boom, which means the boat has been spending a lot of time on the dock.

Quick sail, the thunderstorms missed!

We went for a quick sail for June 27th, sadly I have no regular pictures for Trump day's escape, but we went for a nice quick sail and then watched the thunderstorms start rolling in!  Hopefully this Wednesday we will get to go out for the concerts on the pier (the weather has been very iffy the last several Wednesdays).

Not much wind, but we got the sails up!

Purple flowers

My sister wanted me to get some pictures, I wasn't really satisfied with any of them, alas...

I know I could fix them in lightroom, but I am just not that ambitious today!

American Spirit run aground

The American Spirit missed the harbor exit and ran into the mud along the pier wall where it was stuck until the water levels rose a touch in the night and it was able to back off.

The boat suffered no damage, but the jokes were certainly flying!

 The boat ended up rather close to the wall!