Sunday, November 18, 2018

Migrating to Wordpress

The blog is headed to Wordpress!  I am just feeling a need to learn more about how it works over there, I can do some cool new stuff with that page that is not possible through Blogger, etc.

The domain will redirect eventually, but not quite yet.

Authors will also be migrating!

Thank you for your patience!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Life update

I have a new job starting soon, and another new job starting eventually, The one is temp, the other is fun, and should actually be a fulfilling way to spend my working hours that will also give me the time I need to enjoy life.  What is life if you cannot enjoy it?

I will espouse more on that later.

I am thinking I may want to do a video short, all shot on a cell phone.  I am still mulling over plot ideas.  This is on the long term shelf.

But having a temp gig will be good, the bad thing is that it will be 2 AM until ? shift, but I guess that means that I will just not be able to have a lot of fun between now and the beginning of January.  Of course it ends just in time for bowling to start, which is good, I am looking forward to bowling!

I went on a road trip yesterday to near Marinette, Wisconsin.  I picked up boat parts and thankfully I decided to do the trip on Thursday because the areas I drove through yesterday when there was only a little bit of snow are getting dumped on today.  I do not mind driving in snow, but 500 miles in a snowstorm would be exhausting!

I am also making progress on the model sailboat project!  I have the hull largely hollowed out and I am going to figure out the deck and rigging part next.  I think I have to build some kind of cabin on it so that I can fit the electronics someplace they will stay dry, it is once again on the long term shelf.

It is snowing today, just a little, enough to make things white outside.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Second to the last sail of the season...

This actually happened October 2nd, I was hoping to extend the season but an early season nor-easter put an end to those plans.  The boat suffered a little cosmetic damage (rub rail got smucked up) lost all my fenders and snapped three lines, but compared to the shark mouths that ended up in some of the sailboats, it was not bad.

I am heading tomorrow to go get some new (used) rub rail for the boat, I found a ship-wrecker that is only about five hours away so I am grabbing the truck and going for a drive.  It has been a long time since I had the truck out for a nice long drive!  But since I just changed the oil and all of the brakes I think it is time.

Re-torque the wheels before I leave, but other than that I am ready to roll!  I even put the sand bags in the back since I may end up driving through some snow.

Oh well, pictures.
 One of my dock neighbors had the same idea, it was a nice day for a sail.
 Warm water, cold air equals mirage.
 Research vessel Blue Heron
 Closer look at the Heron
 Canadian ship, please note the mirage effects...
 Islands in the sky...
 More mirage, inverted lighthouses!
 Another sailboat!
 Thousand footer, loading...
 The old Lighthouse Depot.
 End view of an abandoned ore dock, Loon's Foot marina is on the left.
 More abandoned Ore Docks.
 Another sailboat out!
Storage ship, unloading ship.